Thursday, December 11, 2008

Miguel goes to Washington

I cannot tell you how pleased I am to write this post just a few hours after the preceding on where I was discussing once again the pathological lies of Chavez.

It is refreshing, motivating, and even exhilarating to see that Miguel was invited by the US embassy in Caracas for a video conference with the President of the United States on Human Rights Day. As Miguel himself writes, he was in a distinguished company and by all accounts the one who suffered less from the exactions of tyranny. But this only means that the civilized world notices clearly the nature of the Chavez regime and its potential to become at any time just another third world tyranny. After all, when we see all the sabotage done to the newly elected governors and mayors of November 23 which are not even allowed to been sworn in, you get the point that chavismo deep down is not a democratic movement and that at any time it might cross the fateful line into final abjection.

I have noticed that some folks in the comments at Miguel's are bothered by Miguel talking to President Bush. Miguel replies perfectly well: it is not Bush, it is the president of the United States and as such his invitation cannot be refused. After all, the real reason why Chavez is so mad about the US might be that neither Clinton nor Bush ever invited him to anything while almost everyone else in LatAm power circles has his or her picture in Washington with Clinton and/or Bush. I agree with Miguel, I would talk to anyone who wants to know about the reality of Venezuela, even Chavez if he were willing to listen. But after last night cadena you know he does not even listen to his own followers.

Of the guest bloggers sharing the time and space of the event I would like also to point out my friend Val Prieto of Babalu who had a guest post here once. He might be Conservative enough in his outlook but I know that my Liberal credentials have never bothered him as we saw eye on eye what we were blogging for: freedom in Cuba and Venezuela. All the rest is accessory. But if Val might be to the political liking of George Bush, that is not necessary the case with the other distinguished bloggers invited for the event. Now that I think of it maybe I was not invited because I supported Hillary and then Obama....

Kidding aside, let's all bask in the feat of Miguel who shows us how far opposition blogging in English in Venezuela has gone. Be it Miguel, Alek Boyd, Quico or myself, just to name the four oldest bloggers, with only our key board and Internet connection we have have reached further than all the paid for propaganda machinery of Chavez. Perhaps contrary to the line from above given to the Chavez mill, the reason of our successes is that we fed from each other and thus constantly strove to be better, more consistent, more diligent. Money cannot spy for that and the world notices.

Update: it is starting to make the rounds. El Mundo of Spain mentions Miguel and Val.

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