Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The things you do because ridicule is not lethal

Alice in wonderland would have had that easy.....

Today foreign minister Maduro did another doozy, or nincompoopery which coinage readers of last post seem to have appreciated. This week end he was telling us that the WaPo is mandatory reading for the opposition so we know what to say against Chavez because it is well known that we are unable to come up with any criticism on our own since this country is paradise. Today Maduro tells us that the collection of signatures in favor of the in vita aeternam amendment was a huge success among Venezuelan overseas. According to YVKE network "mundial", the sycophantic network if any, Maduro said that more than 50% signed for it, in particular youth and students.

The first question is of course if they are so happy with Chavez that they want him stay in power for ever, how come they are not living in Venezuela? You know, inquiring minds want to know...

In fact Maduro is a through and through liar. The 2004 the Recall Election was what would more closely resemble next February vote. Then the participation was 66,44% of which 89,58% voted for Chavez to go. If my calculator is right that gives 59,52% of registered Venezuelans at embassies voting for Chavez to go.

You do not like that result? Never mind! Let's look at Chavez apogee in 2006. With a 59,68% participation Rosales did get 75,37% which according to the same calculator still gives a hefty 44,98% of Venezuelans that voted for Chavez to go, for a paltry 14,o6% who wanted Chavez to stay.

Now, how this paltry 14,06% became in two years more than 50% when at home Chavez went down by ten points is something that we, the naive and innocent WaPo readers, would like very, very much to be told by Maduro.

Me thinks that chavismo polling numbers are so bad "que ya no saben a que palo ahorcarse".

-The end-

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