Thursday, January 22, 2009

Repression in Carabobo too

It looks like "gas, y del bueno" is not the reserve of Caracas students only (1).

Carabobo is one of the states where crime is highest in Venezuela, and I am talking per capita here. It also has a prosperous drug trade with cartels in formation. A future pre Uribe Colombia if you like, while the government does nothing, and even less now that it is much more concerned about finding ways to sabotage incoming governor Salas Feo administration. A few days ago a noted local journalist, Orel Sambrano, was assassinated by con men. The civil society organizations decided to hold a march to protest violence. And it was received by violence, directed at least in part by Cliver Alcala, one of the henchman of Chavez, the general that directs the area and who was already fighting with the preceding governor, Acosta Carles even though he came from chavismo.

Well, Cliver Alcala has startd behaving like your average proconsl taking over local functions including banning the Carabobo police force from future march security functions, deciding that the army will take them over, supporting pro Chavez hecklers, and arresting students taking them directly to military bases (where none can enter to see if they are at least alive) (2). I didn't think that Diego Arria words that I mentioned yesterday would have been confirmed so bluntly so fast: Clive Alcala behaves simply as if Venezuela was a fully fledged military dictatorship and he could do as he pleased with law and order. Amazing.....

But he will run in trouble soon as the president of the Carabobo university, Jessy Divo, told him that he will have to arrest her, just as the UCV president in Caracas told authorities there. They are standing by their students. I cannot wait to see when will Chavez order the arrest of these two courageous women.

1) The "best" "strongest" tear gas, in the now famous words of Chavez that will one day sen him to jail as the fascist he truly is.

2) The "crime" to the students hat Cliver is pissed at is that they drenched in blood (red paint I suppose) the Venezuelan flag. That is for you US readers who are allowed to burn the US flag as you please.

-The end-

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