Saturday, February 07, 2009

The NO march in Caracas


The NO group of the coming referendum is marching. And so far it seems to be a big success. I could nto go because last week end I had to be in Caracas. I can tell you I am sorry I am not attending. But on the other hand, clearly the opposition did not need me to fill up the streets ;)

Maybe that is why Chavez talked to Stalin yesterday, to try to claim some of the credit?

The wonders of Blackberry and such other mobiles. Readers are sending images.

Reader 1 from somewhere around Chacaito, starting the Solano I think

Reader 2 from the Solano at around 2 PM. The day PODEMOS joined opposition marches!

Reader 3 sends the Libertador avenue at 2:30 PM. The middle sunk lanes were off limit (though there is no traffic as all are marching!). But you can see the police helicopter overflying and you can guess which lanes will be shown on VTV news... For those new to this blog, the governement does not allow aerial pictures to be taken when the opposition marches. Security reasons they calim. Hiding the truth we say.

Reader 3 also sends me this MrT protest By the way, so much for the "white" opposition to Chavez. Looks like plenty of Uncle Toms are appearing. In the era of Obama, well, somethings will stop being cliches.Reader 1 apparently made it to the Libertador, and joined a group of students.

TV also is giving spectacular images. A march as in the good old days of the opposition activism in Caracas! Well, Globovision, VTV is another story....

It is over but if more readers care to send me pictures from home tonight I can add them.

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This picture from El Nacional should be enough to convey the success of the day, where more than half a million people are supposed to have marched.

-The end-

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