Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The Tascon list for Jews?

In one of the most perturbing aspects of the Caracas Synagogue attack we learned that among the stolen items was the registry of all Jewish families associated with Tiferet Israel and the Jewish community of Venezuela, including we suppose the amount of gifts offered by each to help sustain the Temple and diverse charities.

Now, in the country of the Tascon list, of the possibly highest crime rate of LatAm (if the government were to release reliable statistics) and of the highest ransom rates in the Americas second only to Colombia, what do you expect will be the use of that list?

By the way, the article listed above establishes without a doubt the "professional" nature of those who were doing the night attack. My guess is on Cuban trained Venezuelan "security" personnel. Chavez is welcome to prove us all wrong at any time by bringing forth the real guilty party. I am not holding my breath.

But there has been one wonderful thing out of all of this: the extraordinary out pour of solidarity by all the democratic sectors of Venezuelan society, namely the opposition becasue I have yet to see a chavista show any support of the victimized Synagogue. Nor am I holding my breath to see, say, Cilia Flores show up paint brush in hand at the Synagogue door.

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