Thursday, April 23, 2009

In the "I told you so" section: Clinton says it as it is

Yesterday I wrote about an upcoming congressional hearing where GOP representative Pence was going to question Obama's handshake by grilling Hillary Clinton. There is the video of Hillary putting to rest the issue, for your enjoyment.

Not only this is a great reply from Clinton, but it is also a history lesson, a politics one and a democratic example on how political differences can be resolved and all start to work together, at least up to a point.

It is also an illustration on why particular political obsessions cannot decide foreign policies where state interests should be first, something totally lost in today's Venezuela. From the video you can see clearly that Hillary knows more about Chavez than Pence, and how she genuinely dislikes Chavez, probably much more than what Pence actually does. But Hillary puts US interests first. You might agree or disagree with what she considers US interests, but it is clear that her position on Chavez is well thought whereas the one from Pence is, well, cliche if not necessarily untrue. Maybe for us in Venezuela under Chavez boot this might not be good news but Obama and Clinton are not there to solve our problems, the more so that there are really self inflicted. Pence words might sound like a nice balm to our battered hearts, but Clinton words are more realistic for a long term solution in getting rid of Chavez, a solution, remember, that must start at home first.

I liked Hillary, remember? :)

PS: to supplement this post, an article at FrontPage by our own Alek Boyd-

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