Friday, May 15, 2009

Forero on Globovision: it is a cable station

The Washington Post gives its summary of what has been going in Venezuela recently. Nothing that readers of this blog did not know already from the recent half dozen posts, though a nice summary to pass around to those who do not believe in blogs. Hey! If the Post says it...

But there is an interesting detail that shows that people are really starting to scrutinize what is going on inside Venezuela beyond the chavista propaganda B.S. Not only the title of Forero's article reads "Venezuela Targets Cable Station" but in the text you find "Authorities have accused Globovisión, an anti-government cable station, of inciting panic through its coverage of a May 4 earthquake before authorities released an official report" and later "Authorities have not explained how the station's reporting on the quake, which caused little damage, panicked and divided the public."

Two things here: 1) Globovision should be considered as a cable TV because it is only allowed to transmit open air in Caracas and Valencia, something that FINALLY is perceived outside of Venezuela; and 2) indeed, where was the panic in Caracas streets due to Globovision reporting of the quake?

Clearly, this time around chavismo B.S. is not working at all outside of Venezuela (nor inside for that matter). Not that it helps us much here but let's get what we can get.

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