Monday, May 04, 2009

Globovision shakes chavismo early this morning

There was a rather strong quake early this morning close to Caracas. Even in San Felipe I felt it enough to wake up. Fortunately it was very brief and thus no major damages reported or loss of life.

But apparently there was a lot of loss of pride among chavismo.

See, Globovision the 24 hours news channel did its work: they had staff at hand, they started inquiring, but no one was around to tell them what was happening.

VTV was RE-transmitting the Chavez Sunday show, Alo Presidente. God forbid the wisdom words of the beloved leader would be interrupted to tell the audience that there had just been an earthquake. Besides they already knew about it: did they not feel it?

Globovision then tried the next logical step, to ask the Venezuelan seismological thing, FUNVISIS. Nobody was attending.

So Globovision went to a US specific site where indeed they found the quake, its magnitude and its epicenter.

Well, that was apparently too much for chavismo who even sent the education minister, silly sycophantic and ineffectual Navarro, to blast Globovision as destabilizing the country with alarming news and showing that they suffered of "psychotic dissociation", not realizing of course that he was presenting himself as a poster boy for the disease in that speech. A summary of the attacks on Globovision can be found here, a Tal Cual note aptly titled "El sismo de Globovision".

Of course, what this all means is that chavismo was caught again with its pants down. See in today post February 15 mood, nothing matters to any chavista official but what the great leader thinks, or how to look good among the sycophantic collage that surrounds him. As such the country is woefully unprepared for any emergency. Besides on Sunday night everyone is probably going to bed as it is perhaps the only night of the week where Chavez might not be making news or ridiculous requests...

Colombia has reported its first real flu case. It is getting closer...... Good thing that apparently that flu might not be as bad as thought at first. Because judging by chavismo response to a harmless quake, I shudder to think at who they will put the blame on when the first cases of flu are recorded here.... Instead of dealing with it....

-The end-

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