Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The NYT and El Pais joining the fray on describing Chavez woes and turpitudes

We read Forero at the WaPo and Langellier at Le Monde. Now it is Simon Romero's turn at the New York Times to list all of Chavez foreign policy woes. Note: he really does not write on the internal woes and the repressive recent nature of the regime so we can expect a future entry on that matter any time soon.

And let's not forget the recent editorial of El Pais who criticizes sternly and strongly the latest "cultural" moves of the regime as being those of a dictatorship. El Pais knows very well what Franco did to Spain and they are not amused by such things as Chavez libraries purification and their restocking with certain type of titles only. The title of the editorial? "Caudillo Chavez". A clearer hint at the fascist nature of the chavista regime cannot be written.

With that we have 4 left of center major newspapers based in the capital of their countries, political and/or financial, who have chastised Chavez in no ambiguous terms within barely a week, and each with more or less a different angle. We just need an article by the Guardian to complete the set of the 5 biggies (no other capitals have papers with that international notoriety, though with the same quality or better, but that is another topic). And this just as Chavez is preparing to close Globovision while pursuing his other unpalatable measures and constitutional violations. You can imagine the coverage then...

Hugo, forget about help from the democratic left: they are on to you! Not that you were counting on it anymore, but now they might even be militant against you. Something about all the people all the time, you know....

-The end-

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