Sunday, May 17, 2009

Surprise! Caracas gauleiter Faria acts like... a gauleiter!

Jacqueline Faria is today a very busy woman. In addition to the small task of running Caracas she must now tend to the more strategic task of securing the CANTV telecom company which controls all the phone numbers needed to be spied on by the government as well as all the data transmission that flows at election time, to make sure that results are duly filtered for the dear beloved leader scrutiny.

We thus should not be surprised that she is delegating fast her Caracas responsibilities to true and tested chavistas, preferably from the outgoing administration that was duly defeated at the polls. Of course polling results are now worthless in Venezuela: the disastrous and corrupt Barreto administration of Caracas sunk the electoral chances of Isturiz last November but that should not be an obstacle for some of its appointees to return to their job. Ledeznma attempt at putting some order in the corruption and incompetence carnival that Caracas town hall had become was just a mere short disturbance.

Friday it was the turn of the Firemen department to be placed under the control of the Revolution. Faria made no secret of it when she said in her speech to the firemen, many booing her, this classic B.S. of people of her mettle:

"We aim at getting the Firemen rid of capitalistic wishes" (Pretendemos deslastrar a los bomberos de deseos capitalistas)

"You need to abide by the disciplinarian rules, if not we will apply sanctions. We came with an order from Chavez and we are going to make it happen"(Ustedes tienen que atenerse a las normas disciplinarias, si no tendrán que someterse a sanciones. Vinimos con una orden de Chávez y la vamos a cumplir)

"We came to impose the socialism policies to the Firemen. Fatherland, socialism or death" (Vinimos a imponer la política socialista en los bomberos. Patria, socialismo o muerte)

"The tradition that a retired chief was never named [brought out of retirement to preside the corps] is a value of the capitalist world. I am sorry that I cannot consider your prayer, we came, under Chavez orders, to establish socialist policies here and everywhere else. We took an executive decision, not one that is discussed in assemblies and that is our way to do things"(La tradición de que nunca se había nombrado un comandante jubilado es un valor del mundo capitalista. Lamento no atender su súplica, nosotros vinimos, por orden de Chávez, a establecer la política socialista aquí y en todas partes. Tomamos una decisión ejecutiva, no una que se discute en asamblea y esa es nuestra forma de ser)

So there you have it, EXACTLY what a gauleiter would do/say. Interpretation of her words are totally unnecessary. This is not like the work of a communist commissar who at least speaks in the name of the party, this is a gauleiter who speaks in the name of the leader of the nazi/fascist/totalitarian system in place.

But this is not all, and there is insult added to injury. The new director of the Firemen is accused by his now subordinates to be a corrupt and a sexual harasser. Even Jacqueline Faria recognized that he is accused of sexual harassment but simply dismissed it: "I knew about that, but there is still no ruling" (Ya yo sabía de esta denuncia, pero aún no hay sentencia)

In a stunning video published by Globovision one of the Firemen Department captains narrates how the new socialist Firemen chief, Martinez, harassed his wife. He also accused him of all sorts of corruption under the Barreto regime, going as far as accusing the maneuver of Faria as a way to gain time to erase all evidence.

How can a woman like Faria simply appoint someone accused, dossier in courts, of sexual harassment? If she really wants him to serve and really thinks he is innocent, can she just announce a temporary nomination of someone else and have the courts decide on Martinez before appointing him?

The thing is that Faria is not a woman anymore. And I do not mean this in any sexist way: she is not a man either, she simply is losing her humanity. That is what serving regimes like the one of Chavez does to you, they destroy your humanity. A worthy Nazi Gauleiter indeed.

PS: What about a reader contest in describing the difference between a capitalist fireman and socialist fireman? I cannot tell you how offended I am by the amazingly crass attempt at politicizing the fire department of all civil servants! Un-f*****g beleivable!

-The end-

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