Thursday, June 04, 2009

Honduras is calling for change in OAS charters

To my great amazement I read either in the press, or in other blogs, or in comments to those blogs, that the OAS decision on Cuba yesterday was actually a good thing, that Cuba would be pressured, and I do not know what other nonsense. The argument, basically, goes that now the ball is in the court of Cuba if it wants to rejoin the OAS.

Well, since when did Cuba play by the rules of civilized word? In fact already today Cuba rejected a return to the OAS.

And what happened?

The foreign minister of Honduras, a certain Patricia Rodas, asked for a modification of the OAS charter as "antiquated" and even that the OAS should remove its seat from Washington DC.

So there you have it, a few inside the OAS are moving fast to change enough rules inside the OAS so that Cuba can rejoin without needing to improve its Human Rights dismal record.

I am indeed amazed that so many people (not that many fortunately, but too many anyway) tried to get a silver lining from that San Pedro Sula fiasco. The most charitable thing that can be said from the event is that the US managed to postpone the final confrontation without weakening its position more than necessary. And I doubt that.

The undemocratic left, to which we can now add Honduras, is very clear on the success obtained. You can read it for example in Prensa Latina or on web sites such as kaosenlared who writes in all simplicity
"Cuba should return to the OAS when this forum respects the self determination
of its people to build a destiny according to the majority will of its inhabitants,
without schemes designed to maintain exploitation and neocolonialism".
Of course at no point the author enlightens us as to what date the Cuban people had the chance to express its will in free and democratic and fair elections since 1959 when Castro decided to make it a Soviet colony to survive (my translation of the last paragraph).

To those Voltarian followers of Pangloss, back to earth. San Pedro Sula did not happen in a vacuum and is part of a well orchestrated strategy that has been set long before Chavez reached power. The individual events along the way were not predictable of course, but the objective has always been clear, isolate the US on its side of the continent and create in the South an authoritarian model, XXI century caudillismo disguised under some socialism talk. It is merely a strategy to express the resentment of frequently self imposed Latin America failures as opposed to the US success; it is the real reason behind all of it, envy, naked and simple.

Again, I have no advices to give the US, but going along this charade, as if nothing, will only come back to bite you in the ass. If anything, a possible expansion of chavista like governments against Peru, Colombia or Chile successes will bring a huge economic failure of South America and paradoxically its final perverted "victory" as immigrant impoverished hordes will simply move to North America and risk making it another Latin failure, at least in the sick racist minds of those presiding such Southern failure. I will bet my last dollar that this scenario has crossed the sick mind of Fidel who has already practiced it small scale: Mariel.

-The end-

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