Thursday, June 18, 2009

Red shirts are busy

The chavista red shirt onslaught seems to be sharpening its pitch. After all, weeks and weeks of attacks, fanned by Globovision as the source of all evil, have a way to self generate excessive stimulation in those quarters.

Yesterday we saw many concerted attacks of the sort, worthy of any self respecting totalitarian regime. I chose to show only one, the attack on Miranda State's governor's office by the mayor of of Los Teques, Alirio Mendoza. The pictures around say it all. My only question is how come nothing will happen to this mayor promoting violence and using public employees for that DURING working hours, while Globovision will be closed any time soon just because Rafael Poleo did not control his big mouth for a few seconds? Does chavismo ignore that these things do go around the world? The shirts might be red but this is fascism and the language is clear: those who wear the swastika in their heart are those covering the walls with it.

By the way, just for the record, grand parents of governor Capriles Radonsky died in the Holocaust. So we can mark that down as yet more chavista antisemitism.

Chavismo will not stop at anything to weaken elected opposition officials last November. Rosales, Maracaibo mayor is in exile; Ledezma, Caracas mayor, has been stripped of any function; Governors Perez of Zulia, Morel Rodriguez of Nueva Esparta and Salas Feo of Carabobo have lost control of ports, airports and highways; and now it is the turn of the two last remaining governors with still some authority. The attack Capriles Radonski in Miranda has restarted and in the most ignominious way one can think of.

-The end-

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