Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Talking moose: Chavez and chavismo reach new levels of idiocy

As a constant blog writer there are permanent challenges that I must face. One of the most difficult one is to try to find new ways to describe recurring situations. One would hope that it should be obvious by now that the government should know better than repeat tired lines. Another difficulty is to avoid to just insult Chavez and his minions without even bothering to explain why they are idiots. Well, today I was sorely tested once again.

Let's start by the latest attack on a Globovision owner, as a way to try to find excuses to close Globovision. The Nazional Assembly commission for the environment has taken upon itself to demand an investigation of a few hunting trophies that appear in the TV images of Mr. Zuloaga office while it was searched. Chavismo suspect that some environmental crime might have been exposed, that current laws have been broken and what not. Even though apparently some of the hunting trophies, if not all, are from North American origin, this has not stopped chavismo to pretend that great harm was suffered by Venezuelan wild life, not to mention that the trophies might be unsanitary. And some other reckless B.S.

I am not going to discuss of the bad taste of keeping such trophies, or even speculate that Mr. Zuloaga inherited such trophies (he does not seem to be of the hunter type but I might be wrong). I am not even going to wonder about whether these trophies were obtained years before current legislation on that matter was enacted and thus no law can be broken in a retroactive way.

No, what I am going to wonder is where is the zeal of the Nazional Assembly when real ecological destruction takes place and this one is not investigated at all, not even noticed by the less than august assembly. I do not need to look for telling evidence such as the deterioration of Venezuelan National Parks, the overcrowding of Morrocoy or some other disasters that the web will reveal to you fast. On the very pages of this blog you could go for example to a post about a year ago when I was reporting how in San Felipe pastures and a water shed where destroyed, trees fallen, so that squatters could take over sensitive ecological areas where in addition they were putting their own lives at risk. They are still there, they have expanded and as far as I know no environmental commissar of the Nazional Assembly has come to at least investigate.

So large chunks of the country are destroyed in front of our eyes but a stuffed moose head is ground to punish Mr. Zuloaga. You can grade the ridicule by yourself.

The other element is the re-apparition of Chavez,and you guessed it, through yet another lengthy cadena. The highlight seems to have been the explanation that he did not go to El Salvador because they were going to shot rockets at the Cubana de Aviaicion airplane that was going to take him there.

As before let's not delve on the curious fact that the famous expensive airbus that the purchased in 2004 is not used anymore by him, the Cuban body guards having managed to convince him to fly with their plane, probably after they saw how deficient was the upkeep of Chavez's Airbus. Let's not also elaborate on the fact that Chavez could have gone by helicopter to, say, Maracay and take another plane to El Salvador. Or where anti Chavez rockets placed at every Venezuelan airport? If Hillary Clinton and a few others feel safe enough to land in El Salvador, why cannot Chavez land there?

No, let's instead focus on how Chavez himself insisted that Posada Carriles was the leader of this nth assassination attempt. A Posada Carriles under home arrest in Miami. A Posada Carriles who is old and senile, who can barely walk, who is probably constantly watched at distance by Castro or Chavez agents in Miami. That man was able apparently to organize an assassination attempt against Chavez.....

Is this the only thing Chavez could come up to justify a three days absence? Has he lost of sense of ridicule? Is he becoming an idiot?

I am afraid that Chavez now considers all of us idiots, supporters or not. Like the thug he is who reached the top of the food chain he only shows disdain for anything below him, mocking us deliberately with tales as idiotic as this one.

By the way, is such a cosnpiracy has been discovered, where is the evidence? As it has alwasy been the case so far, nothign susbtantial will ever be shown.

-The end-

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