Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Want to piss off Chavez? Pay Globovision's fine!


Being in Caracas a few days allow me to participate in a nice and cool activity that will piss off Chavez: I paid this morning 100 Bs.F for the fine that the SENIAT (tax SS police, makes the IRS looks nice and civil) gave Globovision.

I am willing to pay more but one point of the protest is to get one million people to pay. This will not happen as this would require 1 million people to go to the bank to deposit at least 5 BsF and too many Chavez haters just cannot be bothered. However if next week the 5 millions are not gathered yet, I will go back and give more money for Globovision.

But as everything in Venezuela, there is more to it. Only one bank is participating so far, Banco Venezolano de Credito whose president Oscar Garcia is one of the main Chavez opponent. BVC does as little as possible business with the state, eschewing a lot of those "sweet deals" that have profited so many banks such as BOD or BANESCO. You know, get rich quick schemes playing the markets and currency exchange with complicity from public "servants" manipulating public funds for speculation instead of putting them to good use.

But Oscar Garcia has even more merit as his half brother has been kidnapped a couple of months ago without any news, and even suspicions of rogue government personnel behind the professional operation that targeted, curiously, a major opposition bank.

Thus you get triple bang for your bolivar, you support Globovsion, you support BVC and in addition you will go through a very unique moment: going to the bank one of the first thing you will see is the instructions on how to deposit in Globovision account. If you are afraid to give your name, have a friend on the Tascon list (like me) do it for you or go ahead and give a fake name: when you deposit cash no one checks your ID. But do not be afraid, take a stand and stop being a wimp: chavista or not you need to stand about the violation to our freedom of information that closing Globovision would be. Soon enough you will end on some apartheid list anyway, chose your moment at least.

And think about Chavez face when he sees "el pueblo" paid the fine of Globovision.

BVC agencies in most important cities of Venezuela (but not in San Felipe)

And if you pay something, let us know and see how much this blog readers did rise for Globovision!!!!



Many of you have expressed the wish to deposit for Globovision from outside Venezuela. Depositing directly is not the way to go becasue:

1) I was advised not to publish any account number
2) It would be a rip off favoring the government since your hard earned dollars/euros will be counted at 2.15 instead to the better rate you can find elsewhere

The best way is to give the money to a trusted source willing to put up with the hassle. This person would receive your funds, inform me on how much was received AFTER confirmation and then I would arrange for the deposit in bolivars made at a better rate than the 2.15. That person(s) eventually would forward me the dollars/euros.

It is all a matter of trust as I will not even be able to publish the receipt of the deposits as I cannot afford to be tracked down on that one since I could be breaking a few laws. Illegal and unjust laws but bolivarian laws nevetheless (the contact person on the other had would be safe as I probably ask him/her to send the money to a friend of mine).

Right now I am contacting folks and if I can come up with a safe system I will announce it and you will need to write to me for me to send you the email of the contact person with whom you will make the arrangements. Warning, it might take a couple of days to set it all up.

The simpler way is of course to have a relative in Venezuela trustworthy enough to make a deposit for you and then you give them your cash whenever you can.

-The end-

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