Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Hillary Clinton talks to Globovision

[Post interview update]

The news that will have chavismo foam at the mouth tonight is the interview that Hillary Clinton, US Secretary of State in case you were still not aware, granted not only to Globovision but to its leading show, Alo Ciudadano, and its anchor Leopoldo Castillo. The picture of the three of them, Globovision baseball cap included (on the right side Ravell, Globovision director).

Of course, I will not insult your intelligence interpreting this piece of news because even if Hillary talks for one minute only and about the weather only, the symbol is there for all to see. Enjoy!

To be filed under the "I cannot believe it is not butter" label.

Update: Waiting for the show I heard a lovely interview of Lucio Gutierrez, ex Ecuador president, removed forcibly from office in an Honduras like move. But then Insulza was not yet on the payroll of Chavez while Lucio had managed the shit list of Chavez after having been one of his favorite person in the world (like Chavez, he was a failed coupster). There are so many threads of double and triple and quadruple standards that my head spins.

Update 2, post interview

The interview was functional. Leopoldo Castillo was obsequious and ill at ease, wondering whether he should behave like an ex-ambassador or a journalist. Annoying presence.

Questions were standard and Hillary responses standard, avoiding any controversy, avoiding to say what Castillo wanted her to say. Still, she made it clear that things in Venezuela are not kosher and that she is aware of it. All in all, very competent at what she is supposed to do right now, avoid further trouble for her country which is overtaxed.

No matter what, the interview does not solve anything, does not protect Globovion from being closed though it makes very clear that the price Chavez will have to pay for it will be very high. Interestingly, the Honduras part of the country revealed how irrelevant Venezuela will become as negotiations keep going. The US might have taken the lead by sponsoring Nobel winner Oscar Arias as an intermediary but the confidence of Clinton betrayed that the US is backed. And if it is not by Venezuela/ALBA you can guess easily who it is.

As soon as the interview was over I switched to VTV to watch La Hojilla reaction. I was not disappointed as Mario Silva was livid, as furious as I ever saw him. And to add insult to injury his guest was Eva Golinger who is becoming "la propia vende patria". Comments were predictable: Obama is the same thing; Castillo is betraying the country; we are going to close Globovision anyway; and the like.... Proving that the interview hit a raw nerve. The top was Silva belching "who named Arias?" betraying his resentment at 1) his boss not being on the forefront anymore and 2) that Arias did the most to block a commie take over of Central America 20 years ago.

-The end-

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