Monday, August 03, 2009

Red shirts in action: Lina Ron shows us fascism "y del bueno"


Meanwhile, as Diosdado Cabello and Luisa Ortega are closing media and making laws to speed jail thought criminals, Chavez's PSUV was organizing its red shirts brigades. What for?

If in this first picture they might seem to be "bon enfant", an organization to support each other in a giving neighborhood, you know, to bring soup to the elderly and discuss how they can help the glorious bolivarian revolution. There are unfortunately elements that lead us to think that they are in fact a new attempt by chavismo to organize its hard core faithful to control at least the neighborhoods that could politically slip away from chavista control (1). Or worse, as the attack on Globovision today tells us as bluntly as anyone could wish it told.

Around 1 PM Lina Ron came with a few of her storm troopers and forced the entry of Globovision in spite of the objections of the police guarding it, amen of the private guards hired
by Globovision. Inside they created a scandal, threw tear gas bombs, had a few fistfights and eventually left. You can see the videos here where Lina Ron is perfectly identifiable, videos that in any court of law would be enough to put that woman in jail for a few months until she cools off some. Nobody is holding his breath even as the government in front of such brazen violence had no option but to condemn the attack by one of its most loyal (fanatic? crazed?) supporters.

Thus allow me to be doubtful as the new PSUV brigades being organized everywhere will be for the common good of the country, to allow me to sleep tight at night in the full knowledge that the fatherland will be safe from a Colombian invasion and that crime will be monitored in such ways that it would not matter were I to forget to lock the two safety doors that are at the entrance of my home.

No, these groups, such as the Lina Ron group, are nothing else but CDR, Comites de Defensa de la Revolucion like in Cuba whose main function it to rat on anyone who does not show enough enthusiasm during Chavez cadenas. And whose secondary function is to knock at my door to threaten me, to search my home as needed. After all Diosdado Cabello did threaten Media owners directly, why should we be surprise that Lina Ron acted upon the threat to voluntarily execute his bidding?

Added later: I realize that the title might not be clear if you follow irregularly Venezuelan matters. It is a reference to Chavez who during the referendum campaign of early this year asked the Nazional Guard to repress student protest using "tear gas, and the best one", gas y del bueno. This has become now a current expression in Venezuela when abuses are reported or suffered, to signify that there is a special kind of violence reserved for certain choice opponents. As fascist as it gets, no?

Update: Globovision treats us with a lovely video of Lina Ron's political life highlights.

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(1) let's not forget other multiple attempts at organizing such groups, starting with the "bolivarian circles" of earlier chavista days.

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