Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Iran Venezuela, a new axis of evil

A new report is going a long way in describing how dangerous is becoming the liaison between Chavez and Ahmadinejad. I am not going into details, you may read for example this summary on the Wall Street Journal or go to the complete Morgenthau report. The fact of the matter is that the alliance of these two regimes cannot be ignored further as the consequences over BOTH their populations can now be seen as a consequence, in part at least, of that counter nature collusion between a theocracy and thugocracy. Then again some might think that there is not much of a difference between these two conceptions of power.

This year has seen a remarkable increase in repression and violence against their citizens in both Iran and Venezuela. The repression after the fraudulent elections in Iran is now a regular in the news. Even today we read in the New York Times that opposition offices are raided so that the regime can remove from there the dossiers on prison abuse that are been painstakingly established by the opponents.

In Venezuela of course we have been subjected to a series of new laws, established unconstitutionally and whose sole aim is to give the regime further elements of control over the populace, while creating an electoral system as the one in Iran where official fraud is made routine.

The result in both country would be the same, a "legal" regime that cannot be removed through a democratic way, a violence generating machine where people who behave as expected would be for a time allowed semi normal lives, as long as the regime oil reserves allow for it. And the reasons for the establishment of such repressive regimes are the same, protect the power of a small "elite" of ruthless thugs that have too much to hide and who are blinded by an ideological credo.

This is all now public knowledge and thus the question that remains is why are there still creeps like Oliver Stone, to name the latest episode, who support Chavez and Iran theocracy. It is amazing to see how some people who call themselves progressives can support a regime where gays are executed, where women are enslaved under the excuse of a veil for modesty, where corruption is overwhelmingly at the service of a minority that gets rich and powerful at the expense of an immense majority of people slowly forced into irremediable dependency poverty. In Venezuela things are still not as bad as in Iran but you can bet your bottom dollar that one day, if women are not forced under a chador, bikinis will be forbidden. Listen just to the morality speeches already coming from the Nazional Assembly, such as the recent ones on banning certain type of video games and you have a hint of what is in store for us.

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