Friday, October 09, 2009

Barack Obama versus Piedad Cordoba

I think the Norwegian parliament has made one of its worst political grant ever by giving president Barack Obama the Peace Prize this year. In fact, it is so bad that they might wreck his chances at bringing peace in his multiple endeavors as bitter rivals and envious nuts will go out of their way to sabotage Obama for the next three years. If I were Obama I would seriously consider refusing the prize.

Why, oh why?

The only "sensible" explanation that immediately came to my mind upon reading the news is that the Norwegian committee (it is not the Swedes who give the Peace Prize) hated so much Bush and his policies that they exacted revenge by awarding the prize to Obama. Thus giving a new meaning to pettiness.

There is a precedent, two sitting US presidents have already won the prize, Wilson and Teddy Roosevelt. But both of them had significant achievements with them, Obama none. I truly do not want to disparage president Obama, he simply has had no time to get an "achievement" yet, the world does not work that way. And in all the initiatives that he has undertaken if a third of them work out he will be richly deserving of the Peace Prize, say, in his second term. By giving him the prize right now the Oslo folks are in fact probably sabotaging Obama potential success, ruining the very "hope" that they use as an excuse to give him the prize. Or does anyone think for a second that the Noble Peace Prize will help Obama in front of Chavez? Iran? North Korea? Pleaseeeee.... Far from it! The reverse is true! How can Oslo be so clueless, stupid!?

I am actually sorry for President Obama, not to mention that he cannot cash his prize and will be forced to give it away to some charity or foundation as he cannot even wait 3 or 7 years to enjoy it. Heck, the IRS might even tax him on that anyway!!!! I suspect that he is smart enough that he realizes that overall this prize is not going to help him, is not going to repair US image in the world except in the mind of some European people that will love Obama, prize or not.

But I suppose I should be happy that Obama got it because according to chavista sycophancy the leading candidate was Piedad Cordoba of Colombia, you know, the woman with the eternal turban who cavorts in the jungles of Colombia with the FARC and who is a regular visitor to Chavez in Caracas. A woman so controversial, so sectarian that she is even accused of treason in Colombia. Giving her the prize would have been terrible for us in the area, though I doubt it would have been enough to make her win the Colombia next presidential election.

So you see, the Peace Committee could have done worse than Obama. We should never underestimate the screw up potential of the best intentioned people.

-The end-

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