Monday, November 16, 2009

The revolutionary line of the year comes from Weeds

Over the week end I was watching season 4 of Weeds.

I highly recommend the series for those who do not know it, very funny , incredibly cynical and extremely corrosive of the US way of life in California. And impeccable acting. Anyway. At the end of season 4 Celia Hodes out of rehab goes to ask for forgiveness to the daughter, Quinn, she banned to Mexico in season 1. It turns out that Quinn has shacked up with a Mexican underground revolutionary and they had decided to hold Celia as hostage until her family pays the ransom. Once Celia passes out on her food the boy friend says something about the things that one must do for revolution. Quinn replies "Fuck your faggy revolution! I am taking the 200,000 dollars and move to Belize".

I wonder how many of those who voted at the PSUV primary today have had similar thoughts during their career through Chavez rule.......
-The end-

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