Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Economic poll: how much will GDP fall the first quarter of 2010 in Venezuela

I have contemplated in horror how the new rationing program for electricity has started today.  I see disaster at the end of the road if there is not a prompt reevaluation of the design.

But, as I am waiting for my blackout coming up in a few minutes, I have no energy to write on what should be obvious to all with half a brain.  Not to mention that I already wrote a summary that looks every minute more and more definitive.  Instead, taking advantage of that blogger feature to which I have now access, I tried my first poll.  Please, visit the right side and check in your prediction.


  1. 1979 Boat People10:41 PM

    Typo in your POLL.

    "Middle Eat".

  2. Anonymous10:58 PM

    Question: Is it legal to own and buy and sell gold in Venezuela? Was there any change in the price of gold when the currency measures were announced?

  3. 1979 Boat People11:00 PM


    Year of Resistance: Interview with Eva Golinger by Cindy Sheehan

  4. 1979


    blogger does not let you edit a poll once someone has voted in it....

    the thing is that the format to set a poll is not easy to use as you cannot display all the text at once.

  5. 1979

    i am surprised at how bad eva golinger speaks in that interview, at least as seen from the transcript.

    but worry not about eva, she is "pretty much" meaningless these days, used only to fire up the faith of the believers, not anymore to preach and convert....


    No, he didn't... Yes, he did!

    Chavez arrugo once again. Enough said.


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