Saturday, January 30, 2010

For those who can write two sentences in French

I have decided to try to take back my occasional participation in the lefty AGORAVOX forum (sticker to my posts there on the right side of this page). So if at least a couple of you were kind enough to register at Agoravox and leave a friendly note... I get there the nastiest beatings, but their silliness makes them rather quite amusing although my poor Mother is horrified. English language PSF are not only in general better behaved but they do write better arguments even though most of the time unsustainable. Then again limiting their posting by refusing the usage name calling and insults does help, does it not? :) At my recent Agoravox article name calling and discrediting the article for even a simple orthographical error is the norm.  but that is OK, I have survived enough PSF onslaught to let it slip by unheard.


  1. Juanimador6:13 PM

    Et bien, je ne savais pas que les francophones etaient si gauchistes, téllement, que tous les commentaires sont du type: vive Chavez car il est communiste. Ils se croient des philanthropes en faisant ceci. Je crois qu'il sagit d'un anti-americanisme déguisé. (je m'excuse des erreurs Il y a longtemps que je n'ecrit pas en francais).

  2. le ridicule ne tue pas... hélas ces commentaires me sont aussi trop familiers

  3. Charly7:24 PM

    Daniel, il y a environs un ou deux ans j'ai écrit dans ce blog que "les français manquaient de fibre morale". D'aucuns y ont vu un ton raciste. Je le crois depuis mon enfance vécue dans le sud-est de la France oü je suis revenu quelques jours l'an dernier (la région de Nimes). Après 60 ans d'absence, je constate qu'ils ne savent toujours pas se brancher, à savoir faut-il suivre le fascisme ou le communisme? That is the question. Pauvres mecs!

    Sorry for those who do not speak English.

  4. Anonymous8:43 PM

    Oui, il y a pas mal de gauchistes en France. Ils retiennent une certaine influence depuis la Deuxieme Guerre Mondial grace aux ecrivains et artistes et qui sont en general des intellectuels faibles qui voient dans le Marxisme le salut du monde entier et qui refusent de reconnaitre les vraies souffrances et abus causes par leurs copains les communistes.
    Il suffit de s'appeler "socialiste" et de detester les EEUU et on est tout de suite leur hero. Que vous soyez meurtrier en masse ou dictateur affreux, peu importe, vous etes le messie. Quand l'armee americaine a rendu la France aux Francais en '45, le parti communiste francais a declenche une guerre de propagande incroyable contre elle, apellant Les EEUU un grand "suceur de sang."
    Le socialisme est un cheval troien qui contient le vrai but-le communisme. Ces "intellectuels bourgeois" seront vite tues ou mis en prison quand les "grecs" sortiront.

  5. Pardonnez-moi ami. Mes compétences en français langue suck.

  6. Anonymous3:07 PM

    Faut pas trop generaliser. Il y a un peu de de tout dans tous les pays. Comme en France. N'empeche que c'est sur et certain qu'une majorite de connards controllent la planete.. Carlos iglesia

  7. ...and we thought we knew PSF's! My French is now so rusty that it's difficult enough to read a sentence in it, let alone write one, so I didn't enter the fray, but wow!... I can understand your mother being shocked. Surely the French are the most politicized people on earth. The descendants of Danny the Red and Simone de Beavoir certainly haven't lost their spirit, though they have lost many arguments in the intervening years...I remember we used to hang out with a group of French kids in the late 60's (I'm from England). What we had in common then was psychedelic drugs. But whereas what we talked about mostly was spirituality and Buddhism, our French friends would spend interminable hours discussing politics, often frenzidly late into the night and early morning. Doubtlessly that hasn't changed; though judging by this blog, they (present day PSF's) may have lost some of that intellectual edge.

  8. Boludo Tejano1:11 AM

    Have I ever studied French? Jamás. Will I ever learn French? Will I ever regret not learning French? Rien.

  9. Ils ne peuvent pas voir la forêt pour les arbres

  10. Anonymous10:29 AM

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  11. Roger9:28 PM

    My mother would be glad I was keeping up my French which Im not as there is not much need for it in the US and what little brain power I have left I use to improve my Spanish which have a use for not only here but in my day to day life in the southwest.
    Looking at the number of reactions to your post (132) and I am sure many more views, and even if many trolled you you got the message out. From what I read, most don't understand the issues. From my point of view they don't even understand the issues in the French speaking third world! To their credit, these are the same people who large areas of Paris when the government even thinks about reducing their right as citizens or taking one more Sou (1/100 Euro?) from them. In a Venezuela of Frenchmen there would be no Chavez!

  12. 1979 Boat People3:13 PM

    Former Chaves loyalists call for his resignation

    May you live in interesting times.

  13. 1979 Boat People3:40 PM

    More torture pictures in this article.

    The article also mentioned what Daniel wrote in the recent "Torture in Venezuela" post

    Spotlight on Venezuela

  14. Anonymous12:37 AM

    Monsieur Duquenal :
    Vous en avez du courage d´écrire un article dénonçant les abus d´Hugo Chávez quand il est absolument clair que la grande majorité des lecteurs de ce forum sont les typiques gauchistes qui ne comprennent rien à rien, qui ne font que vous insulter sans même pas se renseigner de ce qui se passe réellement au Vénézuela !!!! Mes félicitations les plus sincères pour votre article et votre courage !!! Au plaisir de vous lire très très bientôt !!

  15. This is off-topic, but I'll tie it tangentially to Venezuela. I'm sure anti-Obama folks will pounce on his choice of words:

    21st Century Space Program

    At one time that phrase might have sounded progressive, futuristic even. Nowadays, to me anything that starts off with "21st Century..." makes me do a double take. Yet more things to rescue from Chavismo (red being a color in need of rescuing).

  16. Ohhh my mistake. Nothing to do with Obama. It was Charles Boden who said "21st Century Space Program", I missed that detail in my first read through.

    Well we still need to rescue the phrase and the color red.

  17. Milonga6:13 PM Chavez Loses His Grip - Newsweek! And the gauche still thinking in Little Red Riding Hood!


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