Thursday, January 28, 2010

I think the Spanish inquisition one was gold plated

I have grown hoarse from the many times that I tried to explain people that Chavez and his movement are a reactionary movement, whose only model is the caudillos that bled the country to death in the XIX century. Well, the picture below will explain it better than the gazillions words I used.

This is the latest tool used by Venezuela's Nazional Guard to repress the student movment this week.
(hat tip Miguel)

Human Rights Organizations of the world, please?


  1. That's a grappling hook used for climbing walls or boarding ships at sea. Perhaps he has it to use in an escape up a wall should the students chose to kick his ass.

    Honestly the political cost of even showing one of these things would condemn chavez anywhere else in the world.

  2. Charly4:21 PM

    Huuumm! Definitively not convinced. Ever tried to swing one of those? About as dangerous for the user as the intended victim, may end up the GN's own arse. And once the GN has caught someone and has his two hands busy, he is easy pick for other demonstrators who can bash him at will. The last thing law enforcement agencies want is a corps a corps. Very poor weapon indeed.

  3. One commentator on Miguel's blog says it is a tool for removing burning tires...I don't see any burning tires in that pic. That thing is a TERROR weapon.

  4. Great title btw!

  5. Meanwhile.

    "Chavez Dangles Better Exchange Rate, With Caveat"

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, offered to give private companies a preferential exchange rate to import goods provided they form joint ventures with his government.

  6. 1979 Boat People6:41 PM


    Pork better for sex than Viagra?


  7. I agree. There is no excuse to handle such a tool in a perfectly quiet setting. It is disturbingly dangerous because if anything were to happen, as simply as a car backfiring, you do not know what the reaction of the GN or the students would be. Its display is an attempt at intimidation and an escalation cannot be far from the moment.

    No matter how "justified" the "tool" is to remove burning tires, those are removed ONCE the protest has been lifted. If they want to remove the tires during the protest it is because they are preparing for violence and such tool cannot be at hand then.

  8. Milonga8:33 PM

    Meanwhile, the Economist says that Chavez no longer even tries a semblance of democracy:

  9. 1979 Boat People9:04 PM

    Venezuela's drift to authoritarianism

    Wolf sheds fleece

  10. La Maga Lee12:24 AM

    El jefe del comando de la guardia nº5 dijo que este garfio no es para agredir sino para quitar de la vía pública los restos de cauchos quemados, OK, de acuerdo pero comandante que hace este bruto con esto en la mano frente a los estudiantes? Ud. debe castigarlo a él y todos los animales desbocados con su caparasones. Estos aparatos se sacan al terminar la manifestación y mientrás tanto lo dejan en el camión. Que el Comandante este no nos tome por idiotas!.


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