Wednesday, January 13, 2010

An idiotic electricity rationing

The hard  pressed chavista administration has decided to ration electricity supply.  As usual improvisation, lack of consultation with the concerned parts, political segregation, lack of information for the public, absolute ignorance of the consequences of such cuts are the norm, just as with the previous failed rationing of shopping centers!

Segregation: so far we only know of electrical rationing in anti Chavez areas of Caracas and Maracaibo. Here, in now chavista Yaracuy, we are all fine and dandy, that is with the occasional blackouts we have suffered for the last two years...

Improvisation: announcement came without any consultation with the people and the manufacturing sector.  Thus a nifty and meaningless grid of rotating shortages has been published without taking care of describing exactly what the different affected sectors are.

Lack of information: not only there has been no warning of the coming rotating blackouts, but no essential information has been offered.  You know, useful stuff such as how to protect your electric operating devices, where to go in case of emergency, etc, etc...

Ignorance of consequences: what is going to happen with the lower production?  Can business afford to have days with only 4 hours of electricity?  What about schools?  What will kids will do without electricity?  And what about crime which will find its workings simplified as electric fences, electric doors, electric cameras, etc, will be conveniently impaired?  Never mind those who depend of medical home equipment to remain alive and other such affected sectors....

But this blog is always willing to help as it understands that even though Chavez and his minions have fucked up big time with Venezuelan electric system we must all suffer from it.

The solutions are very simple:

Work with the biggest consumers.  Try to make a many industrial plants close either a Friday or a Monday, that is create the three day week end allowing business to deduct from their income at least part of the payroll they will be required to pay by law.  Plus other measures to make sure that the sacrifice is shared by the employer AND the worker.  After all, if electricity shortage makes certain business bankrupt, what woudl the workers do after that?  This also apply to public administration, by the way.

Rotate services.  Malls, banks, shops and such should close one day a week, in rotating fashion, between Tuesday to Thursday.

Increase prices.  Above a certain level charge much more of electricity.  That is, offer a flat rate which includes a TV, 5 light bulbs, a refrigerator, a washing machine, a water pump, two fans and an iron  for a family of five for a months.  All the rest, hot water, AC, extra TV, etc, 50% more, these things that bring your consumption up above a certain level is charged twice as much.  Period.

Make people pay for electricity.  All deadbeats are found in the public administration who simply does not pay its bills.  Let's start there.  But let's also start making all pay for electricity, including the vast popular zones that simply steal electricity.  Bring them the adequate service they deserve but force them to pay at least a small flat rate.

With this rather simple scheme to implement over a period of a couple of weeks, we can keep all hospitals, all schools and all homes supplied with electricity.  If rains do not come back earlier, then we can toughen it up, but let's start simple instead of complex 4 hours cut that make no sense and do not take into account the realities of a modern world.

Anyway, ME THINKS that today rationing show, which is simply unworkable, is a side show to distract from last Friday's devaluation.


  1. sheik yer bouti1:24 AM

    so will El Mucho Macho and Cuba help out in earthquake damaged Haiti or just leave it to the Imperialists as usual?

  2. Charly1:58 AM

    Daniel, looks like finally the chicken are coming home to roost, give it another 6 months and this country is ungovernable.

  3. Many great suggestions Daniel

    Only the popular zones of Caracas will be extremely difficult to control.I lived for years in Los Frailes de Catia where almost everyone was stealing electricity.Can you imagine the VAST amounts of barrios surrounding the city ???
    We bought an apartment for my mother in law in El Cafetal in 1986.When she left her home in Catia it had become so dangerous that she was unable to go back to collect the rent money on her house.She ended up losing it.

    I cannot imagine how it would be possible without using something like the national guard to go into these places to inspect properly and even then how will they maintain a list of those receiving electricity and therefore owing small monthly payments ???People connect and disconnect quite easily.

    I used to think in awe of the amount of free electricity huge amounts of the population of Caracas are receiving.Hills, hills, hills, and mountains of winding streets and shacks.Some almost impossible to reach.Others controlled by barrio mafiosos.

    It always seemed to me that these areas had to be dismantled in order to fight crime, clean them up and provide adequate services to the people there.

  4. firepigette

    it does take a long time. but that is not the point. the point is that chavismo has not even tried to start such a program. there are plenty of areas where you could stop electricity stealing, set an example of good public service for low economic sectors and then garner some good will by the time you move on to more "difficult" sectors.

    but what can you expect from a government that already steals the land from its rightful owners?

  5. 238746273845:10 AM

    Did you know we export or provide electricity to Brazil, Ecuador and apparently even Cuba through an underwater cable? At least that's what I heard a "man on the street" say on an interview at

  6. let's be weary of urban legends. electricity grid is indeed connected to colombia and brazil and guri was supposed to be sent in part to these two countries who in turn could ship their own generated electricity to other countries. a little bit like it works in europe where you never know exactly where does that electricity you use comes from.

    but under water to cuba, no.

  7. 11 years of hearty mismanagement where the government simply took what should have been invested in the energy sector and spent it elsewhere has brought this about.

    Don't think that food rationing isn't around the corner, directly connected to the devaluation and the energy ration I would bet. In addition to 11 years of mismanagent.

  8. "..Chavez and his minions have fucked up big time..."

    Whoa, the f-bomb slipped in there. Tell us how you REALLY feel, Daniel. :-)

  9. Daniel, true that every step is one in the right direction

  10. Boludo Tejano2:01 AM

    Good suggestions, which is why Chavismo will not adopt them. Regarding making people pay for heretofore free electricity, I am reminded of the photo that circulated some months back of the house of some Chavista capo in Puerto La Cruz (IIRC) with a free electricity connection.


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