Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Update: another student dead and more reactions

I woke this morning with the news of the deliberate assassination (?) of a Merida student by a pro Chavez Tupamaro group.  Now every side is happy, they all have their martyr.  On TV the tension is mounting about today possible events.  Cops everywhere in Plaza Venezuela but the students are too fast for them.

I heard the radio interview of the rojo-rojito governor of Merida state.  His speech, aimless was sustained with he usual banalities of chavismo: "apegado a la constitucion" "el 11 de abril"  "la revolucion" "deestabilizador"and such platitudes that could not hide his disarray, his inability to understand what is really going.  His long rambling is summarized quite shortly and completely by Globovision.

This is the sense we have from the regime: although they seemed to have looked forward a reaction (Globovison this morning was showing a full video of Lina Ron with a militarized brigade of her followers all with red shirts and flags, deliciously fascist in design) they never expected such a strong one and besides shooting they have no idea what to do.

To tell you how fast the international reaction was, Index on censorship, the English quarterly monitoring world censorship asked me for an article fast which is already up and front page.  Please visit and try to leave a comment.  Their editor is not only good but fast and in a hurry.

The interest outside is quite simple to understand: in the civilized world NOBODY can understand why a government would go out of its way to design a new rules system uniquely to shut down a specific TV station on cable TV only (even if as an excuse a couple of other channels fall with the flack).  However they all undertand one thing: it is purely a Chavez whim, but an unacceptable one.  we are seeing only the early part of that: consequences will be worse than three years ago, bringing among other things a renewed interest from the rest of the world about the coming Venezuelan elections.  Will the opposition play its cards right?


  1. sheik yer bouti4:06 PM

    and so it now finally begins.....maybe the Venz people will now do the hard work of taking back their country from the Cubans

  2. http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601109&sid=agDnTP5BM5ag&pos=13

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is selling dollars from central bank reserves for the first time in six years in what Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Barclays Plc say is a futile bid to shore up the bolivar in unregulated trading.

  3. 1979 Boat People6:17 PM

    Kill or Be Killed?

  4. Chavez won't stop until he has total control of the media.He always does it in stages while offering lame excuses for his actions, in reference to public safety etc.At this point he has arrived at the last stage of his control.Even the cable news outlets which have paying subscribers, are made to comply with the news blackout in which only government propaganda is allowed.

  5. 1979 Boat People10:51 PM

    Another one jump off the fast sinking boat.

    Venezuela: Central Bank Chairman Resigns


    One by one abandons this fast sinking boat.

    Chavez gotta feel lonesome tonight.

  6. Daniel;

    You are doing excellent work here. I will be posting quite a lot on Venezuela over the coming days.

    And I stopped by the Index on Censorship site and commented as well.

    These protests appears to be something quite different from what I have seen before.

    Y me inclino con respeto a estos estudiantes valientes.


  7. Daniel,

    I have linked this post, along with including a general comment about the usefulness of your very fine blog for tracking recent events in Venezuela from a blog entry I published this evening at StJacques Online:


    All the best!



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