Thursday, April 15, 2010

Coming out of that military closet

The obscene rally of yesterday at the Avenida Bolivar might have been a major image blunder for Chavez.

That Pyongyang feeling......
Pictures like this one went all around the world today and established, if any had still a doubt about it, that Chavez creation is nothing more than a military regime.  That the Bolivar avenue crowds over the years have become barely a few red specks and that the bulk in front of the central stage decorated with a gigantic image of Chavez, the beloved leader, is a military olive green crowd has been a lapsus of sorts that will haunt Chavez for the rest of his tenure.

The message from Chavez is clear here: you can do all the elections you want, I could not care less.  My power is at gun point, deal with it.

Only idiots and mercenaries can now pretend that we are in a civilian democracy dedicated to the betterment of the people.  Think about it: the latest weapons purchase to Russia is roughly equivalent to three years of the Venezuelan health budget (and even more depending on who does the math). 

Picture from El Nacional front page April 14. Look closely after clicking and you will see the gigantic Chavez in the middle.


  1. 1979 Boat People6:41 AM

    Love to hear what these useful idiots -Sean Penn, Oliver Stone etc.- gonna to say about this.

  2. Lemmy Caution8:57 AM

    Among our german marx-friendly newspapers the most crazy one "Junge Welt" actually published a similar foto with a friendly text. So some Euro-kids like even this menacing style.
    Though this newspaper is distributed through the whole country, of course its read by only a quite small minority.

    "Neues Deutschland" did not publish anything, at least not online.

  3. amieres9:16 AM

    OT but not really.
    Post in spanish about Brian Nelson's latest find. I'm spreading this everywhere, help is appreciated: email, blogs, tweet, facebook:

  4. La Maga Lee3:41 PM

    No se puede enviar a la prensa internacional el ruido, el olor a gasolina de tres o cuatro Sukoys con el carburador mal ajustado, dando vueltas a raz de las casas de Caracas durante más de una hora y de todos los helicopteros enormes que también pasan pegado de los techos haciendo temblar las casas. En eso también se va un dineral. Lo triste es que lejos de aqui hay gente que piensa que esto es bonito, se vé que nunca estuvieron en una república bananera como estan transformando a nuestro amado pais.

  5. Charly4:06 PM

    The day after the glorious parade of the militiamen, Robert Gates, the US Defense Secretary commented that he did not consider Venezuela a military menace. He probably had seen the parade to make such a comment. (Estos gringos saben joder)


    Two words came to my mind when i saw that photo cannon fodder!!

  7. Nur_Ich8:50 PM

    funny how they write in Junge Welt : Dann müsse die Revolution »radikalisiert und vertieft« werden, wie es auch die Verfassung verlange.
    (Then the revolution must be radicalized and profounded, as the constitution demands).

    Where in the hell they read that in the constitution ?

    I used to read Junge Welt when I was still with Chavez (that wa sbefore i learned spanish and understood, what he has to say). Now it's just pathetic.

  8. 1979 Boat People10:50 PM

    Hmm, I could not find the Samba dancers in the picture whose duties were to light up this dumb-show.

  9. Boludo Tejano5:19 AM

    This photo of Thugo surrounded by uniforms, a crowd composition distinct from previous years, reminds me of a quote attributed in different forms to Bertolt Brecht after the failed uprising in East Germany(DDR) in 1953: "If people do not want you, replace the people,"

    (There is disagreement regarding precisely what he wrote. This is but one version.)

  10. According to forensic psychologists people construct reality in their own minds. If we believe something is true, it becomes true for us regardless of what the facts are.It is said that lies are often more believable than the truth because people have a huge capacity for denial. It's easier for a person to accept something when it is similar to what they believe. Some would say in order to understand truth you have to have insight, but insight itself is not sufficient. Individuals tend to deny certain facts which contradict what they want to believe."

    Some people have failed to clean their eyeglasses till it was too late.Others were too busy acting like defense lawyers for the mafia instead of defending the victims-I just hope sleeping with the enemy is paying off for them.

  11. Daniel,

    May I repost this entry, with due credit given to you, over at my blog?


  12. bryan

    as long as credits and links accompany the post there is no problem. thanks for your interest.


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