Friday, April 30, 2010

Violence as virtue

Violence as virtue: when criminals become "respectable"

You may think that this blogger on occasion goes slightly over the edge, or that even he had no business putting up the post of early this morning about Ovidio Morales position. But look at what I found at Gustavo's blog! That is right, Richard Peñalver, of a political track record who jumped to fame as being on of the Llaguno would be assassins, who went on to become a Caracas local legislator now wants to become a PSUV representative next September.

So, what does he use as his electoral platform?  His picture in a red shirt, the smile of a goon about to forgive your life and his picture at Llaguno shooting at the opposition on April 11 2002.  That is right, 8 years after Llaguno, in spite of him having occupied elected office for some of these years, Richard Peñalver cannot find anything in his record to support his ambition than showing his murdering abilities.

The PSUV? A picture is worth a thousand words.


  1. Anonymous8:50 AM

    That is insane.............

  2. Charly9:32 AM

    As an old hunter, I am just waiting for open season on that kind of animal

  3. I can only say this in Venezuelan, Que bolas! I got no words when I see this. I remember how it happened and that thug should be serving a 30 year sentence

  4. Those were the same words I used at Gustavo's blog.

  5. Not just "murdering abilities," but shooting AT COPS. Show me one other country in the world where doing that won't disqualify you from running for office - let alone one where it becomes your primary qualification.

    PSUV = Partido de Sicarios Unidos por Violencia?

  6. AIO

    Excellent!!!! I am going to tweet that!

  7. That is the scariest campaign poster I have ever seen. "Vote for me, or I'll kill you" is what comes to mind from seeing it.

    Do we know if he actually shot or killed anyone that day?

  8. UCC

    It is not a poster but an add in a paper. Not that it makes it less offensive, just less, shall we say, blatant.

  9. Unfortunately, UCC, most if not all physical evidence from that day was "disappeared" and will likely never be found.

    The disappearance of said evidence will make it hard to convict the people such as this piece of trash. But one hopes, always.

  10. So my first venture into Twitter-land is by proxy. Can't say I saw that coming, but no problem here.

    I first considered psycopaths because I thought that would start with S in Spanish. Sicarios works better, though.

    UCC, now that you mention in that way, it reminds me a bit of the famous Uncle Sam poster. Needs a new caption, maybe: I want you: to vote for me, or dead.

  11. Danie, where exactly was that published? I will post it as well with a background explanation in German.

  12. Lemmy Caution6:40 PM

    Hasn't the "the revolution will not be televised" taught me, that the bullets came from opposition snipers who kind of killed their fellow demonstrants to bring the army to depose Chávez?
    Isn't this kind of a confession that Brian Nelson is right?

  13. Anonymous8:49 PM

    Esto es el colmo, que basura el que esta en la foto y los que se atreven a postular un porqueria asi. ALO, bravo por lo del partido
    La Maga Lee

  14. Boludo Tejano11:42 AM

    Thugo's claim that "We didn't do it" is made rather comical when someone on his team shouts to the world, "Hell yes I did."

    This ad/poster needs to be distributed widely. But then if it were, Chavistas would claim copyright infringement, invasion of privacy, or some such. Such as their claims that only Chavistas may quote Simon Bolivar.


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