Friday, May 21, 2010

Rocio San Miguel is threatened

Bohorquez Soto,  San Miguel's warden?
Rocio San Miguel, our current hero for denouncing proof in hand the politicization of the army, has told us that she is been threatened by the military "justice" and suspicious goons following her around.  To confirm that Luis Alfonso Bohórquez Soto is a mere thug, not only he refuses to acknowledge that he is registered in the PSUV against the evidence, but yesterday he bluntly stole the Polar company 120 tons of food by "confiscating because of hoarding" the Barquisimeto food stores of Polar (more on that later).


  1. "San Miguel lo instó a acudir al Ministerio Público para consignar su declaración formal y evaluar las consecuencias que pueden tener sus palabras desde el punto de vista legal."

    Ha! He's happy to lie to the press, but let's see if he's willing to lie under oath! Given that there won't be consequences, he might be, but I'd still like to see if he has the guts.

    On Polar: "Las cantidades que ellos reflejaban ante las autoridades del Ministerio de Alimentación no corresponden con el inventario existente en el local", dijo Bohórquez a VTV.

    What the hell? Does every food company in Venezuela have to report its stock levels to the government? I've never heard of this, nor have I heard of many things more ridiculous. Stock is constantly changing, such that it's a near certainty that if they came to the warehouse to verify immediately after receiving an update, the amounts would have already changed.

    That makes about as much sense as having to report to SENIAT how much money you have in your wallet. And if they check, and you don't have that exact amount (because you just bought something, or were just at the bank/ATM), they can take it all. I'd say maybe I shouldn't give them ideas, but I'll bet they've already thought of it and are trying to figure out if they can implement it somehow. But that would be robbery - just as it is with Polar.

  2. AIO

    Please, do not start writing my posts before I do!!!!!

  3. Yes, lets not give them ideas! They have enough bad ideas as it is.

    Nobody is surprised that Rocio has been threatened.

  4. 1979 Boat People9:04 PM


    Venezuelans haven't seen the worst yet.

    In my home town, the RED Communist thugs forced those families who have good houses to sign a prepared paper that they are HAPPY to donate 1/2 of their houses to the goverment to be used as offices.

    As soon as those families signed the papers, the RED thugs moved in the next day to stay with them and acted as the owners of the houses. The original owners of the houses are now the servants for these RED thugs.

    Eventually, those families ARE HAPPY they decided to donate the other 1/2 of the houses and moved out finding a new place to live.

    Quite few heads of these families committed suicided after they HAPPILY moved out of their houses.

  5. 1979BP, sounds like a tweet from the head of INTI (link in Daniel's May 25 post on the topic):
    "@chavezcandanga Socializando la alegria. La alegria no sera un bien privado debe ser bien publico."

    Not just idiocy, but spouting directly to Hugo to suck up to him.

    What Chavez is doing is somewhat like your example: he's taking things away from people, and the ones who can leave the country, essentially leaving behind much value. The state appropriates what's left behind (though realizing only a fraction of its actual value), keeping the state afloat a little longer. No need/reason to discuss long-term sustainability.

    Daniel, you could simply not approve my comments and then turn them into the grist of your post. That reminds me of something I've read recently somewhere, but I can't quite seem to put my finger on it...


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