Thursday, May 27, 2010

Workers defending the private enterprise, workers criticizing state ones

It is quite obvious from his latest speeches that Chavez is deeply upset that even the Bolivarian Trade Unions within Polar are not supporting his attempted takeover.  Just as the workers that welcomed the state in Guayana or Zulia last year are now all up in arms as they discovered how dead beat, corrupt and incompetent is the new management.  What kind of socialist revolution is that when the workers are taking their distances?  This Weil cartoons says it all about the inner world of Chavez who has decided to believe that sycophancy is a genuine sentiment.
We must feel sorry about these workers defending their companies (Chavez supporters barking like lap dogs).


  1. Such a sad commentary on life in Vzla.

  2. How long before Weil or Rayma is in jail? I'm surprised that, at the least, their homes haven't been destroyed by revolutionaries. Rabid attack dogs, if you will.

    (Is "dan pena" better translated as "How pitiful are"? "We must feel sorry" implies sympathy in English, which is certainly not the case unless meant ironically - and Hugo has no knack for irony.)


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