Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Franklin Brito

You might think whatever you want about Franklin Brito, and you would be right that he is in a way slightly deranged.  But you cannot take from him that he has the courage of his opinions and is willing to die for them.  His case is the case of a citizen that is standing for his rights in spite of all odds.  His farm was seized unjustly, and it was a rather samallish one.  He protested and went in hunger strike at the time when lots of figures did that at the Caracas OAS seat.  Eventually the government offered him an indemnification but Brito wanted justice, not pay off.  The strike was resumed.  The regime pissed at him declared him mentally incompetent (without independent evaluation) and committed him in the Military hospital of Caracas, where even his family had trouble visiting him.  And yet Brito managed to resume his hunger strike and now he is near death, refusing even to take liquids.

There is little we can do for Mr. Brito, though today you can join a protest in front of the Military Hospital in Caracas.  BUT we can at least one of the numerous petitions circulating around.  There is one for you.  Even if the title is ambitious, "one million", let's see if we can get 100 readers of this blog signing up.  That petition is rather complete, even if in Spanish only.  There you have even videos to let you meet Mr. Brito


  1. Franklin Brito !
    mirando al cielo
    se puede estar
    al tanto de muchas cosas:
    eres musa de los inocentes
    (hijos del sol venezolano)
    y de la nube que esconde nuestro sagrado

    en mi rincon apasionado
    la tarde relampagea
    revoltosa viva y quemante !!

    Brito,porque al oir tus
    de la hermosa nube fertil
    pregunto porque protegas tanto a
    nuestros llantos sagrados ?

    en tu despertar, el pueblo entero
    honraremos tu sacrificio luminoso
    y Vasta

    y recordaremos tambien que
    donde terminan unos caminos,
    siempre comienzan otros nuevos

  2. 1979 Boat People5:37 PM

    Just signed the petition.

  3. Douglas Novo6:29 PM

    just signed the petition too.

  4. Anonymous7:43 PM

    I also signed

  5. piggie

    i am sorry i do not know how to forward your corrido. maybe there is mail in the petition page for you to send it to them?

  6. Thanks Daniel, I'll look and see.

  7. I, too, just signed this petition, as well as tweeted it.


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