Tuesday, June 08, 2010

A new definition for paganism

This image of Chavez this Sunday is offensive on so different levels that treatises could be written on it.  And I am not a believer, Roman Catholic or not.

Oh Dear Lord!

Chavez has absolutely no shame.  After all his cursing against the Catholic church for a decade, what he is doing there would make Henry the VIII blush.  As we say en Venezuela "no fue conmigo y me dolio".

I am not going to comment about the priest.  I suppose all sinners deserve salvation, even pederast priests I suppose.

Even there sycophancy has no limits: observe that the picture shows the whole scene but the TV screens behind focus on Chavez face.  By the way, this one did not even have the decency to remove his earphone...

If any chavista is swayed/comforted by this image, then there is no moral whatsoever in that side of the country...

If you had any doubt that Chavez would do anything, ANYTHING, to win in September, there you have the evidence.  Good thing that ridicule does not kill, by the way: this is not even a provocation, even if highly offensive.

Hat tip JC who as a believer must be even more offended as I am.  And I am, a lot.


  1. Roger6:09 AM

    One small detail, there is no absolution until you make restitution of all those malatin's Hugo

  2. Now that is just wrong on so many levels.
    I thought he had set up his own Bolivarian Catholic Church.
    Is that a real RC priest?

    Pederast lol Obviously another fan of the Dude.

  3. I'll say it...
    What a FUCKING hypocrite!!!! (your choice...priest, president, or both)

  4. Well there you have it. Chavez asking for absolution can only mean the shit is going to hit the fan big time, and soon.

  5. This was done for public consumption. He won't show the santeria version.

  6. I was changing the channel and then I saw this priest on "Alo". I put it out of curiosity. Man, what followed was nothing more that cult of personality at its worst. The exact word to define this is Blasphemy.

    This offends me as a Venezuelan and as a Catholic. And I agree with you that this is not a simple case of provocation. These people have no shame, no moral and no guilt whatsoever. They will go as far as necessary to hold to power.

    My only advise: Courage!

  7. concerned1:54 PM

    If you believe in Heaven, then you have to believe in Hell. It's too little, too late to save his ass from the fire and brimstone.

    For Chavez:
    Go STRAIGHT to Hell! Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200, especially at your new preferencial rate. There you will suffer for eternity for the unforgivable pain you have brought on the good people of Venezuela.

  8. Daniel, did you see this?


  9. Chavez es un' loco de perinola'.

    More than likely he is trying to' pisar la chancleta' while using God as a tool and praying for his own will to be done as he simultaneously prays for his own salvation,
    even if the others get left behind.

    That would be about right for him.

  10. Charly4:02 PM

    I think it is a step in the right direction, the direction of the crucifixion. May all our prayers be fulfilled.

  11. Boludo Tejano5:30 PM

    Yes, there are those who say that Christianity and socialism can go hand in hand. Recall the Sandinista priests of Nicaragua. Miguel Descoto, who later showed up in the UN General Assembly, began as a Maryknoll priest. He was Foreign Minister of Nicaragua’s Sandinista government from 1979-1990. Consider what Descoto said upon receiving the Lenin Peace Prize in 1987, while the USSR was warring in Afghanistan.

    “This prize makes us Nicaraguans come into even closer contact with Lenin, that great personality of your state and of all mankind who is the passionate champion of peace.
    I believe that the Soviet Union is a great torch which emits hope for the preservation of peace on our planet. Always in the vanguard of the overall struggle for peace, the Soviet Union has become the personification of ethical and moral norms in international relations. I admire the revolutionary principles and consistency of the foreign policy of the Communist Party of the fraternal Soviet Union.”

    Yes, there have been many who see compatibility between socialism and Christianity. How correct they are, I leave to those with more knowledge of theology and Marxism than I.

  12. Island Canuck6:00 PM

    It makes me want to vomit.

    What an A..H...!!

  13. Anonymous6:24 PM

    Why does Chavez worry about being saves? Isn't he creating Utopia in Venezuela? Never mind....he has create Dystopia which is opposite of Utopia...he realized he needs to be saved after all.

    Dystropia....an imaginary place where the conditions and quality of life is unpleasant...

  14. concerned7:25 PM

    Do you think that at any time during that hypocritical display chavez muttered...Forgive me father, for I have sinned?

    Or was it more like...Forgive them father, for they know not what they do. Help me to lead these misguided souls through our path of righteousness?

  15. The Gremlin3:46 AM

    "Good thing that ridicule does not kill"? If it did, Venezuela would be a free country by now

  16. Roger6:23 AM

    Oh Wait. Or is he being crowned Emperor of South America? and Now he can out and tilt at oil pumping units.

  17. Psychopaths do not have any sense of guilt, shame, or remorse. Simply doesn't exist for them.

  18. Anonymous2:05 PM

    a) The priest is blessing Chavez, not offering him absolution. In the RCC, there is no absolution without confession and sincere repentance, regardless of the words or actions of the priest.

    b) Chavez has always had a few friendly Liberation theology Marxist priests around him. I remember way back at the beginning, there was some Franciscan who used to do presidential and private Masses for Chavez and Marisabel, who seemed like the more devout one.

    c) Chavez is very superstitious, I am sure he would except any number and type of blessings, incantations, voodoo, human or animal sacrifices on his behalf.

    d) He knows the power of popular religion and has has used that against the formal church over and over, through symbolism and public acts such as this.

  19. Kolya3:40 PM

    Boludo, you know that anyway, but here it goes: socialism is a fairly wide term. Marxism-Leninism, Maoism and many other variants of Marxism are not compatible with Christianity. But some forms of socialism are indeed compatible. For example, much of social democracy is compatible with Christianity, certainly not any less compatible than libertarianism or objectivism. The socialism of Eduard Bernstein, who was one the earliest Marxist critics of Lenin (before Lenin took power), is not incompatible with Christianity. George Orwell remained a socialist until his death, even after Animal Farm, but I don't think his sort of socialist beliefs were necessarily anti-Christian.

  20. Bob Sacamano5:43 PM

    As you mentioned, Daniel, the thing about the earphone, man, the earphone...
    This MF can't even remove that, for the love of Jeebus.
    What a hell are they telling that he needs that plug all the time?
    He is more phony (if that is possible) as time goes by.

  21. It is hopeless, my son. There is nothing here.

  22. Anonymous11:33 PM

    The "Blessing" was for the earphone!

  23. 1979 Boat People5:23 PM

    Hum....Fidel sure looks different in the black dress, doesn't he?

  24. Interested Observer4:34 PM

    I offer a couple of quotes from a book titled "Poland and Russia" published in 1944. Substitute Chavismo for Communism and there is your justification. I hope Venezuela wakes up and votes Chavez and his buddies out of office.

    1) Communism calls for a devotion and dedication similar to that called for, but seldom received, from adhereents of religious faiths. Its ethics and morals are not those of Christian, Jew, or Moslem. It knows no right or wrong, except with reference to success of communist policy and the furtherance of communist ideals. Anything which helps the party is right and not only permissible, but obligatory. Treaties, agreements, promises are kept or broken with this as a measuring stick. Conduct is thus regulated.

    2)Lenin wrote that a communist "must be ready to do anything, to make sacrifices, and if necessary, to use every posible deceit, fraud, illegal method, silence and concealment of truth."

  25. La Maga Lee7:48 PM

    Será que quiere que le saquen el diablo del cuerpo? Soy católica y me asombro al verlo así, sé que es Dios que perdona, pero el cura es bien sinvervuenza`por prestarse a este show, uno se confiesa en secreto, además él dice que los curas tienen el diablo en la sotana, más bien será que le hace falta algo más de diablura?
    Que Dios nos agarre confesados!


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