Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Corny moments of the World Cup? Iker's tearful kiss and the Empire State building

I cannot resist a last post on the World Cup, to review the image of Iker Casillas the steeled cry baby.  If in the field as a team captain he managed from the goal posts to control the nerves of his team, his emotional inner dam eventually broke down.  Not only he cried when Iniesta scored the goal that he knew the Dutch had no time to erase, but when he was interviewed by his girl friend (a Spanish reporter he met who knows in what locker room) he broke down again, kissed her and run away without finishing the interview.  You should watch his gaunt face in the video (I cannot embed it for some reason) and then you will understand the toll it takes if you want to become a World Champion.  Corny moment perhaps but oh so telling!

The other "moment" is the Empire State building sporting the colors of the Spanish Flag.  Now, this is the best evidence I can think of to prove to my still skeptic US readers that soccer IS the world sport, even now in the good ole US of A.  You are cornered, give it up!

And to finish, heck, why not let it get to me join the crowd and say it: "¡Viva España, carajo!"


  1. Kolya3:30 AM

    I found those Casilla moments moving without at all being sappy or corny. He showed himself to be a decisive goalie with nerves of steel as well as an inspiring team captain. The fact that he cried once he realized that his beloved team accomplished their long held dream humanizes and even ennobles him.

  2. Anonymous4:22 AM

    Soccer is alive and well in the US of A. Many of my friends and I followed the World Cup and of course it was national news every game day. Things have changed and I truly believe soccer is the game we play with the world, unlike most of our other sports outside the Olympics. And we are happy when the USA qualifies for the finals. You have been away from the US too long and should come back for awhile. You will see the difference.

  3. aaa...ohhhh

    I have nothing against Soccer, and I can congratulate Spain on its wonderful win.... but:

    Why does it matter if soccer IS the world sport ?The popularity of something does not make it any more valid for any particular country.

    I see many soccer fans here in the USA, but I see many more who are indifferent.I cannot consider anyone right or wrong because it is simply a matter of tradition, taste and opinion.

    Do I hope we become more fans of soccer because it is THE world Sport? Absolutely NOT.Do I wish young people had more opportunity to play here if they so wish? Absolutely.

    But correlation does not imply causation.

  4. Must agree with firepigette. Also I think Soccer has been slow in being adopted by the U.S. not only because of tradition but because more often the not it seems dives, phantom fouls, missed calls, offside goals, etc. seem (seem mind you) to decide games more often than not. Call it what you want but it's most definitely NOT the "beautiful game" a lot of fans purport it to be.

    It can be a great game but one that (like baseball) would benefit by an increased use of technology to get calls right and in the case of soccer video replay to penalize diva divers.

    Soccer is one of the few sports that ENCOURAGES unsportsmanlike behavior, to me it's a the one aspect that irks me the most and needs fixing.

  5. Here in Paraguay we had a great time! I am in the Tri Birder region and so we were happy to last a day longer then Brazil and a few hours more than Argentina!


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