Monday, July 12, 2010

Ingrid Betancourt big blunder ( a not "por ahora" moment)

Poor, poor Ingrid!
Now you see it, now you don't.  After having asked 6 millions from the Colombian government now former FARC  hostage, former presidential candidate says that she was misunderstood, that she was just trying to make a point and other utter nonsense.  I mean, as I wrote before, even if she wanted just to make a point she should have proceeded in a different, more political should we say, way.

Of course, the woman feels the heat when everyone lambastes her, from the outgoing vice president with choice words to pretty much any sinle newspaper in Colombia.  So in a desperate damage control operation she even went to TV (CNN, RCN, what not) to say that no, it was not that way, she awas misunderstood, there is a blodd pact between her and the Colombian army, etc, etc.

Nice going Ingrid!
Unfortunately for her she is in dire need to change her public relation people because even this blogger can pick two pictures of her that show what a crass manipulation she is attempting to salvage whatever can be salvaged of her political career.  In the first picture, from the BBC article, and the one I saw last night at CNN, we see an Ingrid with drawn hair, not very clean looking, no make up, a widow's outfit, not chic at all.  For crissake, you almost feel like giving her a few coins from you own pocket!

But the second picture, taken a few days earlier, on July 2 as Ms. Betancourt was visiting Colombia for a commemoration of the "Operación Jaque" that freed her, she was way more elegant, with puffed hair and a smart Channel like outfit, Black Berry included and Kroc like crying case.

Least you doubt me I even add an extra picture from another moment of the ceremony with the "Jaque" clearly seen.

I think she is going to need to do much better than that to recover.  Or move outright to France and become a French Poltician.  That should not be too difficult, there are enough "comemierda" left there for her to thrive on.


  1. Boludo Tejano7:59 PM

    At this stage in her career I doubt that a political organization with the abilities of the Chicago machine could get her elected dog catcher in a small city precinct, or in a small town, in Colombia

    Agree that she would be better off in Paris. She has burned her bridges in her homeland.

    There is a frivolous aspect to her, of not thinking things through. Going to the FARC zone even though she had been warned not to. Making the multimillion dollar claim/request/reclamo while not apparently realizing that this would go over like a lead balloon. A Spanish phrase best describes her: no es seria. IOW: bimbo.

    Such a frivolous person is best adapted to nightclubs and expensive restaurants in Paris.

  2. I still think the Colombian government should simply turn her, her mother, and her lawyer over to the FARC and claim that in their case, Jaque was all a misunderstanding....

  3. jj06LotS2:59 AM

    Wouldn't 6 million to her be 6 million less for the poor and downtrodden in Colombia? I mean...there are so many ways you could argue how this was a bad move on her part.

    Tambopaxi - Zinger! Can't improve on that. ;)


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