Monday, July 26, 2010

Oliver Stone, Tariq Ali, Marc Weisbrot and Larry Rohter

Do yourself a favor and start your week with a chuckle by reading how Larry Rohter trounces Stone's movie South of the Border and its script writers, Mark Weisbrot in particular, the darling of English speaking chavista whose economic predictions about chavismo prowess have all fallen flatter than the ocean's horizon.  Once again, wasted propaganda money as the movie only preached to the choir, if that.  Funny how any serious attempt at a movie flattering Chavez epic must always resort to quite a few misinterpretations and outright lies.  Remember " The Revolution will not be on TV" or something like that about April 2002 who has disappeared from the radar now that it has been proven to be mostly a fake?  Fortunately the word, in addition of diligent bloggers, provide great journalists able to finish off such people.

Hat tip Alek.


  1. Great stuff, eh? As you say, this is mainstream now, no need to add anything more. Let Chavez carry on with the job of burying himself.

  2. What would you expect from a guy that had his help him learn how to whack off?
    From the Guardian interview this month..

    "Usually, when an interviewer discovers something interesting about a subject, it's repeated in every article thereafter, but I find only one piece from the mid-90s, an interview with Elizabeth Stone, in which she claims that it was his mother who initiated him sexually. She says that Jacqueline had told her: "He couldn't relax and I had to show him.
    So, I ask him straight out: "Did your mother teach you how to masturbate?"

    "Well, I can't live with denial – sure."

    "She physically showed you?"

    "It was no big deal. It's not English. It's French. It was no big deal. I wasn't attracted to her. You have to understand. After a certain point, I grew up and I moved on. And I've had successful relations – with everybody!"
    No wonder he fits in so well with Hugo and his Compadres.
    I sure the French are proud also.

  3. Problem I find is the US is filled with so much spin, so much crap on the news, that most americans have long given up on the truth and simply choose camps and stick to them no matter how illogical and flawed thier position is.

    Now Oliver Stone will also the first chance to influnce people's opinion with his propaganda piece, and that is what they will be left with. Only a few will go on to check the information by reading other articals. What I hope this movie will do though is put Chavez in the spot light and under the spot light the truth about the idiot comes out.

  4. Here in the UK there was a radio interview between Oliver Stone and film critic Mark Kermode last week. Stone spent the entire interview saying how Chavez was demonised and had in fact made his country prosperous.

    Thanks to your excellent blog I'm a little more aware of the reality of life under Chavez. I spent the entire interview swearing at every lie Stone came out with.


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