Friday, August 20, 2010

Chavez plan to lower crime rate

Weil today reveals to us Chavez's plans to drop the murder rate in Venezuela.

"Hey, hey"  "We caught you bastard!"

Oh, and he also told us that we need to wait for 20 years until things get good.   I kid you not, he said so!  there will be no more crime in 20 years!  I can't wait, literally!  And to add insult to injury he said that all that crime wave is a media international conspiracy and that as a matter of fact things WERE WORSE before he was elected, even if his own numbers show almost a triplication of the murder rate since he came to power.

Psychotic Dissociation, thy nickname is Hugo Rafael!


  1. 1979 Boat People10:45 AM

    Hum...I could not figure out why victim blood is in BLUE color instead of RED.

    Any one has explanation for this BLUE blood?

  2. Anonymous12:07 PM

    from de Clermont - to 1979 Boat People, time for you to return to your boat. Are you serious that you ask that question and even take the time to mention that the blood is blue colour? How about these potential responses, a) Mr. Weil does not want to run afoul of the Mind Police if he were to show a political cartoon that is too visually "shocking" or b) he prefers a less visibly aggressive representation of blood or c) he wanted the colour to be distinct from the red shirt of that unidentified boothead.

  3. maybe chavez expropriated even red color for his own use?

  4. 1979 Boat People3:18 PM

    I thought Mr. Weil extracted a frame out of Oliver Stone's "South of The Border" movie this time therefore the blood is in BLUE color.:)

  5. Anonymous3:30 PM

    Wouldn't want to show a photo depicting Christ nailed to the cross.
    Lord of the Ruin might go after the Cardinal again.

  6. And now the INE, (National Institute of Statistics) comes out and says the death toll for last year was 19,000 +.

    I guess they finally figured out that the truth would be better than the current ostrich strategy when it comes to crime and violence.

  7. Charly9:40 AM

    Siempre habla mi*rda este guevon

  8. True Venezuelans bleed Chavista red, of course. Traitors do not.

    Philosphical question (for which Hugo is attempting to force an answer): If an oppo dies in Venezuela, and there's no media there to report it, did anyone really die?


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