Monday, August 30, 2010

Chavez, rain maker!

Sycophancy in the bolibanana revolution never stops reaching new heights.  Now it was the vice-president Jaua at the Guri damn this weekend to open as a formal ceremony what is normally a routine operation: the water gets too high?  you open the flood gates....  But according to Jaua it was not the rain alone that allowed this miracle (never mind that there are still two months left of rainy season in the Guayana highlands), it was the wise polices of electrical rationing of our beloved El Surpemo forgetting to mention that the miracle was due to the closing up of aluminum and steel industries of Bolivar state).  He also announced that the regime would reopen that production (forgetting to explain why they did not do that already since it was clear that the water line was going up steadily.  Could it be because of the juicy bribes associated to the importations of steel products that we stopped to produce ourselves?).  Praise for the witchcraft of cloud seeding form Cuban specialists was included.

It s a sad day when an exhausted regime has no other achievement to offer the country than a good rainy season....

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