Friday, August 27, 2010

Chavez to people going to opposition run hospitals: drop dead!

If you were wondering how morally low Chavez could fall you were in for a treat yesterday.  He stopped his Alo Presidente of Sundays for the campaign bet he retook his cadenas last night.  And he said among other inane and awful things something truly despicable: he will not give the necessary funds for Hospital Perez de Leon because this one is managed by the opposition mayor of Petare, Carlos Ocariz.  In other words, you are served notice, if you get sick you need to make sure you go to a hospital that is managed by a PSUV municipality.

I do not know where to start on how despicable Chavez has become, on how ready he is to bring the country to a civil war just for him to have a chance to retain power.  These words are a clear indication of his mental state, on his long ago taken the decision that the only way he can hold onto power is through extreme division of the country.  As such he is the faithful follower of the totalitarian tradition of the Castro brothers. As such he will not have any trouble in starting killing folks through lack of hospitals while he gets ready to kill them though direct shooting of protests. 


  1. Anonymous8:45 PM

    It surprise me such a sentence from Chávez after all. Something is wrong with him after the Santa Marta resigns. To say what he say is out of any law or political tactics. Very seldom.

  2. Rocky Jordon9:07 PM makes you wonder what he thinks about gay marriage as well

    venezualans are silly people who deserve their fate for keeping this buffoon in power....bend over and ask for more

  3. Anonymous9:26 PM

    According to the post below, that hospital has been under control of the Ministry of Health since Dec. 2008. It also says the latter was responsible for finishing it:

    YVKE Mundial :: Salud
    Miércoles, 3 de Dic de 2008. 9:52 am
    Cuenta con 60 por ciento de avance
    Nueva sede del hospital Pérez de León podría estar lista para junio de 2009
    El centro de salud ha sido prometido en innumerables ocasiones por la alcaldía de Sucre, pero esta vez las obras han sido asumidas por el Ministerio de Salud. Han habido problemas por una corriente de agua que afectó el terreno. El hospital Pérez de León no se remodelaba desde 1956.

  4. Hola Daniel,

    I agree with you that he lost his mental health.

    It is also a threat with what he was saying. The message was for me also. You must not vote against me.
    He also violate the human rights. Every civilian has the right for medical help.
    If this is one thing what Fidel was saying to him, What are the other things?
    It was so disgusting and it was making me really mad.
    And I am not even a Venezuelan, but I was pissed off.

    This is the clip and for me he act like a mono. See the non verbale expression and the passion of destruction when he speaks.


  5. 1979 Boat People8:22 AM

    Will soon to be Latin America Killing Field?

  6. Thanks for the music video, Daniel. That one brought back memories!

    A truly sad day for Venezuelan Entertainment!

    Pedro Penzini Fleury
    Nestor Zavarce

    All died the same day.

    The passing of an era, eh?


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