Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Idiocies du jour

You can tell that chavistas are losing it from a mere glance to papers to Chavez own stupid mistakes during cadenas.  Two little gems for you today.

The communist party wants to sue the opposition.  Why?  Because they are calling them communists.  I kid you not!  And for this they sent as spokesperson with the very Venezuelan name of Carolus Wimmer with a thick foreign accent.  If the opposition were to have a spokesperson with such a foreign accent, what anti imperialist insults would that one receive!  What accusations of betrayal to the fatherland/people would be thrown at it!

The other item is actually more serious as the universities minister, Edgardo Ramirez, keeps his campaign of trying to control education in autonomous universities.  That is, the government cannot tolerate that the autonomous universities of Venezuela whose autonomy is guaranteed by the constitution are, well, autonomous in deciding the curricula.  Well, you could say, the government has the right to demand that, for example, the universities produce more engineers than lawyers.  This, no one disagrees, but this, any civilized person will object:

Necesitamos que las casas de estudios ofrezcan un currículo que respete la pluralidad, que sea incluyente, que sus principales características sean la justicia social, el amor a la patria y la defensa de la soberanía e independencia de la nación”  " We need that the houses of study offer a curriculum that respects plurality, that be inclusive, that their main characteristic be social justice, love to the father land and the defense of the sovereignty and independence of the nation."

Lysenko would have it that easy.....  Because this is exactly what we would get with a university to Ramirez wishes, a place where the only valid science is the one that supports the theories of the bolibanana revolution.  We would not even have bananas anymore.....

ABN is down so I could not have more details on Ramirez words.  Besides that Tal Cual article I could only find this lame news from Venevision, the network that sold out to Chavez and that practices happily self censorship to spare Ramirez to look as bad as his words.  Nice example there.

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  1. concerned4:10 PM

    These clowns resemble more a Monty Python skit than a governing body.

    Most press and reporters, not residing here in bazaro world, have to really work hard to come up with a good story. These silly bastards just keep shoveling out more material than you can cover. It is a shame that the press is sensored.


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