Friday, September 24, 2010

Daniel Duquenal will punch the "Unidos Para Venezuela" card (plus electoral survey )

In spite of all my pessimism I will go out and vote.  As such I do not share an iota with such people that do not want to go and vote because they consider the voting act a farce AND YET NEVER OFFER A CREDIBLE ALTERNATIVE PLAN.  And do not forget one thing: if we do not know how many votes our side did gain in the end, Chavez does know and that will painfully gnaw at him.

Far from me to recommend those readers who will vote how to do so, I merely want to let them know how I will vote.

The situation in my home state is dire.  After the divisions of 2008 I am angry pretty much at all of them from having allowed a 100% hegemony in Yaracuy for Chavez.  I was considering for a while that the least offensive of the lot, FOR Yaracuy, was Un Nuevo Tiempo and that it would be wise to vote for them to start the necessary extinction of Convergencia for whom I will never vote again if possible.  After all, we need to wake up UNT interest and appetite for the state by showing them potential.

But following Leopoldo Lopez hard scrappy campaign everywhere in Venezuela, in particular very red areas, I decided that he deserved my support this time around.  But get that!  The CNE refused to allow Voluntad Popular on the ballot.  So these ones proposed one card called Unidos Para Venezuela which is a generic card the MUD did add to its list as a concession to those who wanted a single ballot card, inherited from 2008 electoral tricks.  It was the unloved child of the MUD and thus Voluntad Popular has started promoting it so that NiNi and chavistas could vote for the MUD without having to endorse any party.  Perfect for me!  I can send a message to PJ, and Convergencia that I resent their fights, a message to UNT that it need to put its act together once and for all, and I support Leopoldo since there is no way to know whether those votes come from Chavez bitter supporters or Leopoldo sympathizers.

Unidos Para Venezuela have a simple web site where you put your cedula and immediately you will know how to vote for the opposition through them in your circuit.  Heck, there is even a Wikipedia entry!

PS: for the fun of it you can vote on the right. Maybe the PSUV machinery will cause an avalanche there?


  1. Daniel: do you know what are the preferences for the Parlatino?

    I see there is a MUD list and there is a list with the Alcalay guy. Really very sad.

    If the MUD list for the Parlatino has Unidos para Venezuela, I will select that.

  2. kepler

    i do not know exactly what is going on with the parlatino. but it really does not matter because the representation will be proportional. if there are two lists and together they get 50% the oppo still gets 50% of the seats-

  3. Sorry I'm not feeling that 'techie' in this you:

    The Ferrier

    The palm fronds
    tap the glass
    of San Felipe's hardware store
    Sr Duquenal, nearby, works on his code
    he said
    I know what you say to the Sun
    as the cables creaked
    the morning cranked
    across and back in barge time
    the wind that ruffled the ferrier's hat
    knowing the winds can blow this way or that
    like a dust devil from the llanos
    tapped the fronds to the glass
    like a former dancer
    doing former steps on
    granite at the local tasca
    unheard of to most
    most just crossing the river
    just here to there
    and on their way
    and meanwhile Sr Duquenal
    he's writing on that blog of his
    he hears it
    he looks up
    he listens
    the pencil line of his mouth quirks up
    and he said
    I hear what you say
    yes they can
    no they can't
    and he waits as he casts his eyes upon the screen
    gray rains keep falling
    and the fronds
    keep tapping
    against the glass


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