Saturday, September 25, 2010

In other news, the vice president of Venezuela and a VTV "journalist" harass a Globovision journalist

There has been plenty of rains this week and even people died because of the flash floods and landslides.  The vice-president of Venezuela (1), Elias Jaua, went to visit one of the affected areas.  The state of mind of chavismo, its intense paranoia and sectarianism makes Jaua unable to grant a brief interview to the Globovision envoy even if such a rare interview, during an election time, would benefit him greatly.  The man just cannot help it, he oozes hatred.  And never mind the state VTV journalist who tries to block the lens of Globovision, proving once again that she ain't no journalist, just a propaganda maker.

1) Vice presidents are appointed by Chavez, not elected. It is just a prime minister of sorts to the imperial presidency. Still, if Chavez croaks at night, whomever is sitting at the vice president becomes president until elections are held.

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  1. I've heard that the woman that blocks the camera is the wife of a very well known Etarra....


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