Friday, September 24, 2010

My electoral prediction variometer is ready!

But I will not make it freely available, you will need to write me to get the Excel sheet if you want.

The reasons are simple:

It is a very simplified version of my more complex sheet

I never intended to build one, but eventually it built itself out of need

I do not want to appear competing with other sheets that I never tried anyway because I did not want to be influenced by anything.  I do not know whether other models are good or bad as I have not tried a single one of them, too busy coming up with my own one :)

I did it all on my own so I get full blame or full glory, but I do not have the need to make it a public display either way.

Then again if one of you wants to make it freely available be my guest.

In other words it is a tool to use among friends and post here whatever results you get, or comments you have.


  1. Anonymous8:48 PM

    Hi Daniel,
    I've never posted anything on your blog, but read you always.
    I'd like to get your electoral prediction variometer. I'm keeping in one folder some polls to compare predictions with results. I have Datos Interdat, Caracas Chronicles', Miguel Salazar (sorry) and hope to have yours.
    ps. I read your "Pre-mortem" post. I completely agree with you, but we must give some credit to Chavez, who made us discover -the hard way- that we are not as civilized as we thought we were.

  2. you need to write me.


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