Monday, September 13, 2010

Of heroes and stuff

Luis Tascon died.  William Lara died.  Guillermo Garcia Ponce died.  What is common among them besides their loyalty to Chavez?

The three of them got state honors at the Nazional Assembly.

Does anyone of them deserve such an honor?  No, with the lone questionable exception of William Lara who was at least a two term president of the Assembly before it went Nazional.  But in that case if Capriles Radonski, currently governor of Miranda, died tomorrow he should also get that honor as he was president in 1998-1999; and guess what, he would not.

That even Garcia Ponce, editor of VEA, gets honors there is quite telling of the state of mind chavismo has descended into.  That is, now, the Assembly is theirs for whatever necrophilia act they wish to do so to whomever they want.  Cheapening terribly such an honor, by the way.

A couple of years ago ex president Herrera Campins died almost a pauper.  And yet the regime at the very end only managed to send to the Cemetery at the last minute a half dozen honor guard.  I do not know how much did Luis Herrera stole from the public coffers, but it did not do him much good as his friends had to pass the hat around to pay for his medical costs during his terminal illness.  I suppose that to be a hero today in the bolibanana robolution you need to be quite the sycophant or quite the robber, or both.

The honors that these guys got at the assembly are a deliberate way to cheapen the place, to rewrite history, to diminish past accomplishments, so only what happens today is worth something.  As such, exposing the naked bones of Bolivar was simply a way to also cheapen him.

Chavismo is reaching dangerous levels of adulation and idiocy and for its own good it desperately needs to lose power, starting with the Assembly, to make it National again.


  1. I said something a couple of days ago.. they are turning the NA into a funerary. Very 'pavoso' if you ask me.

    Didn't they do the same thing for Danilo Anderson?

  2. liz

    in spanish too :)

  3. OK. I always share your Spanish version with friends. Well.. I suppose you already know that :)

  4. Good one, Daniel. The thing that bother me (but didn't surpise me at all) was the use of William Lara's funeral as a political rally. Mr. Jaua (in a hypocrite way) did the same necro-politics he falsely acuse his opponents to do (whick they never did).

    This people have no shame and probably they will never feel it ever again. That's the price of absolute power: Their humanity is just gone.

  5. 1979 Boat People10:23 PM


    Cuba to eliminate state jobs and spur private sector

    Hum...what Thugo gonna to say about this news from his beloved Cuba.

  6. snook7210:32 PM

    My hat is off to you on this one....I could not agree more. How about another tragedy with a state run company CONVIASA. We don't know what the cause was and I am very sorry for any loss of life and happy for any survivors.

    The way I see it though is that if you run the state owned electricity company or telephone with inefficiency and lack of maintenance measures you get dropped calls and black outs. This is a F#%^$&^ airline, if you run this the same way things like this are bound to happen. Just look at the loss of life with the helicopters we bought from many have fallen from the sky?

    Im sure it's the oppo's fault though.

  7. Boludo Tejano12:27 AM

    So is it permitted, or is it verboten/forbidden/prohibido to pray for more state funerals?

  8. Tejano, the decent thing to do is to pray for the souls of our departed chavista brothers and sisters once they have taken their leave from this world. If you want, you can also pray for a reprimand from above while they are still with us, which might cause them to change their ways and alleviate our misery. What is for sure is that when they are gone, they are gone.

  9. Charly4:16 PM

    Daniel, always two sides to a coin, either get bitchy about it, or consider that they all deserve this honor, the sooner, the better. This price would not be too high to get rid of a bunch of rats.

  10. I want them to all live long, long lives to see the mess they caused and, in cases where its merited, jail time.


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