Friday, September 03, 2010

Trying to pass the buck on Brito's murder

Weil today on the silly attempts by the regime to do a Pilatus

Chavez: We had to expect that these traitors "escualidos" would use that for political motives


  1. I am not normally a political cartoon fan.To me the cartoons just depict the obvious and then expect people to laugh.My humor is more of the absurd variety.

    However in this case I find him more appropriate than usual, since I am seeing even some oppos are finding it hard to see the obvious.

  2. People in their groupthink tendencies often do not appreciate the minority and what it represents.They do not appreciate higher levels of knowledge because it is not conventional wisdom, and they do not appreciate what goes against the status quo.They measure in terms of quantity and not quality and determine actions based mostly on majority opinion of whatever group they identify with.. However in a general sense folks are beginning to go forward in evolution from the level of groupthink into individual empowerment where One individual can make a difference.We saw that in the past as well but were less conscious of it than now.Look at the example of all prophets from the past.Making a difference can be on massive scales or on more modest scales, but important differences can be made by ONE individual.

    The quality of an act can be far more powerful if its superior in INTENT, than an inferior quality of act represented in great quantity .ONE person can make a difference in the world whereas often times masses of people make no difference whatsoever.One person with enough meaning can turn the tide of events.It all depends on the power an act has to inspire and the willingness of the people to absorb it.


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