Monday, September 27, 2010

Venezuela has officially ceased today to be a democracy

And its constitution is dead.

In Bolivarian Venezuela the opposition gets MORE VOTES than the regime, probably 52% when all is said, and yet it is beaten at least 90 to 65 seats!!!!!!!!!!!!

The delay of the CNE and the cheating it allowed to ensure a majority for the regime will go into the annals of electoral infamy of the world.

Trouble ahead in Venezuela!!!!!!!!


  1. Amen, brother!

    Shameful, just shameful.

    My jaw dropped with PPT's results in Lara. What the hell!

  2. Anonymous2:58 AM

    That's madness Daniel.
    What should be a moment of being able to see the light at the end of the tunnel, has been put out.
    I'd comment more on this but I don't really have anything that doesn't include "fucked" in it.

    marc in calgary

  3. Charly6:48 AM

    Likely to go down badly in international circles. Wonder how PSFs will justify this one? Many thanks Daniel.

  4. The opposition is screwed. Venezuela will keep sinking futher, and now Chavez will be able to say that:

    A) Voting for the opposition didn't make a difference at all

    B)Blame everything bad on the opposition, for blocking magical solutions by the goverment.

  5. I think I see the light. If Chavez had been running for President, he would have lost. And he did everything to make it a referendum on Him.

    Take him at his word. And make SURE there is only one opposition candidate for President next time; a 52% vote will look mighty good then.

  6. This was to be expected in a dictatorship-as there are no authentically fair elections.

    Still it hurts.I just had a bitter argument with one of my relatives from Belarus.She thinks that it is no one's business what goes on in Venezuela and that other countries should have no opinion on what happens inside Venezuela whatsoever.But does she care about that when the BBC has been subtly lying in favor of Chavez for the past 11 years? This is okay according to her but it is NOT okay for other countries to be against Chavez....ARE PEOPLE GOING BRAIN DEAD OR WHAT?

    No wonder Belarus elects a dictator every time.

  7. Candy Matson9:22 AM

    its obviously Bush's fault......

    but but but....I thought Obama was supposed to fix EVERYTHING !!!

  8. If the oposition officially got the mayority of the Votes and yet lost by such a high number of seats, then this is second best scenario possible as it shows clearly and directly the electoral abuse that Chavez presides over Venezuela.

    Remember, most of the people only read the headlines, and nothing is as easy to understand as "mayority in Venezuela gets 1/3rd of the government".

  9. The rest of the world won't care, unfortunately.

    The gerrymandering is what did this, I guess.

    Of course, we know who counts the vote too.

  10. Milonga9:55 AM

    He just keeps on having elections to boast of his "democracy". But notably everything was prepared beforehand, but the delay in giving the results was sintomatic. He fools no one. I just heard a Venezuelan saying to our local radio that USAID had paid for the propaganda of the opposition and that covered 75% of the propaganda on radio and television. What a joke! The communicational guerrilla at work! I cry for you all.

  11. Where are people getting the 52% of the popular vote thing?

  12. I think these are good results for the opposition and definitely as good as could have been expected,or that would have been allowed by Chavez.

    These results are similar to those in the referendum when the " NO" won.
    The opposition won the vote but Chavez immediately declared that he was going to go ahead and do what he wanted anyway.This time too, we won the vote but Chavez keeps his seats in Congress.In both cases we have taken the initiative away from him, and put him on the defensive.Last time he quickly recovered and turned the tables on us.In a sense we are now having a second chance, and if we have learned something it may be a better one- especially with the 2012 elections not very far away.

    In both cases Chavez delayed giving the results while making some adjustments to his favor.We will never know how much he skimmed off from our victory.Perhaps we actually had enough votes to get the majority in Congress- especially as he stacked the deck totally in his favor before hand.

    Ultimately it does NOT really matter what technique Chavez uses to get his way, because Chavez would have found a way to do what he wants no matter what.

    What DOES matter is that he lost the majority of votes and this makes him a minority government.

    If the opposition would have gained a majority in Congress it would have made it easier for Chavez to blame it for the difficulties in the coming years and use that in his favor for the 2012 elections.

  13. Personally, i think it was a huge victory! We all know there was fraud, yet for the op to still keep the adm from getting it's needed 2/3 +1 is huge. Everyone, from the top down has to start seeing the handwriting on the wall. Thanks Daniel for keeping us all in the loop on this.

  14. I'm frankly amazed that Chavez got as much as 48%, even with all his built-in advantages. Can we have any more absolute confidence in the vote-counting now than in previous elections? Was the spread perhaps even higher, with a litle careful secret tampering at the highest levels? After that, of course, the gerrymandering kicks in to produce this ridiculously skewed result. It seems to me all a carefully calibrated series of 'adjustments' to democracy, each designed to kick in at just the right point, and just enough to ensure the maximum possible leverage for Chavez for a given scenario, while continuing to preserve the illusion that he is, in fact, a democrat. And even with all this on his side, Chavez has failed, it appears, to achieve his best-case objective, to control two thirds of the Assembly. Some relatives of mine in Venezuela are, at this time, calling this a defeat for Chavez. It is still early days. I don't know whether they are receiving the same news as I am, and whether either bears any kind of relationship to the real truth.

  15. Fidel Castro has claimed the opposition are all stooges for the evil Yanquis. According to him, if you could think for yourself, you'd love Chavez.

    Jeez, I wish that disgusting dictator would hurry up and die!


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