Thursday, September 16, 2010

We must be winning 'cause zombies are emerging!

In perhaps the safest sign that the opposition truly thinks it is winning the current electoral contest we are seeing what was simply unthinkable 6 months ago: electoral ads for AD and COPEI!!!  The one below has been hitting TV this week when AD is celebrating its 69 anniversary (you cannot make things like that up!).  It comes with AD anthem included, an anthem I had not heard in, well, I better do not tell......

COPEI also has its ads, no music (AD has always been the one with the catchy jingles and solemn pomposity).  But in one Enrique Mendoza is starring.  I remember when he run for election in 2000 under his own vehicle pretending that he was not COPEI anymore.....  Now he is the camera  huger of COPEI ads.....

I am not too sure what to make of this except that the united opposition must believe in its victory strongly enough that even old parties like AD and COPEI have decided to run ads least the votes go all to PJ, UNT and other "upstarts".  As for the value of the ad, well, let's forget it; though I am sure it has a nostalgic appeal to those who are 40 or older, probably the target of AD this time around.  What matters here is the daring of putting up such an ad.  Heck!  It even includes faded red shirts!!!! (PS: imagine the conniption fit of Chavez if AD gets 15 seats!)


  1. Vota por Acción Democrática?
    What candidate is that? They are talking as if we had a party vote now everywhere.

    Well, AD seems to be under the skin of many Venezuelans...the horror!
    Actually, Chavistas galores are nothing but adecos turned violent and in red shirt. The more I try to find out about Chavista honchos, the more I find the biggest majority were active in AD.

  2. I am not sure if I care what party from the opposition dominates,or influences; I just want to see the cycle of oppo failure break.

    Between Making and Unmaking

    Surprise shakes my mind
    like a mountain wind
    falling not on tender green shoots
    but on our massive Oaks of old
    taking root along
    side a rusty railroad
    its sound awakening me
    to a sudden rising arrow

  3. Anonymous10:10 PM

    Not all in my youth i was very active and helped with campaigns starting with the election of Herrera all de way to CAP II. All of us did not go that way and some of us grew up and understand that Private property and less government is the only true solution. All presidential candidates stopped at my uncles house multiple times. I filmed many rallies in the barrios around barquisimeto.

  4. Anonymous8:30 AM

    They say life is a it comes around.

  5. On the AD poster, the slogan says "Por una Venezuela libre y de los Venezolanos" or "For a Venezuela free and of the Venezuelans"

    The first time I saw this sign, I was driving and couldn't focus for long enough on the sign to read it a second time. What I saw was "Por una Venezuela libre de los Venezolanos" or "For a Venezuela free of the Venezuelans".

    My first thought was, how horribly cynical that statement was. My second reaction (just for a moment, mind you) was to think that it wasn't a bad idea at all. Finally, on seeing another, I read it correctly and got a chuckle out of my mistake.

    Now, having said that, I sure hope that I am the only one who read it without the "y" because if everyone is reading it that way as their first take, the ad REALLY sucks.


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