Thursday, September 30, 2010

World Elections: the Venezuelan election gets great analysis elsewhere

Please, visit the World Elections blog where you will find very complete analysis of elections in many places of the world but also a great flawless analysis on the Venezuelan one. 

This was at the end, and it is very appropriate for the chavista readers that lurk:
More ample information on the various states, these elections and their results can be found on two excellent English-language local blogs, the first one being the Venezuela News and Views and the other being the Caracas Chronicles. Both of these come from a very anti-Chavist view, but the analysis is excellent, insightful and also extremely honest.
I cannot speak for Quico but this is one of the best compliments I have ever received.


  1. Good...but I think your daily readers/ commentators have given you much higher compliments than that blogger not to mention:

    a bird in hand is worth 2 in the bush

  2. Milonga5:15 PM

    Another analysis: Totally agree with Firepigette, your analysis has been the most thorough!

  3. Anonymous8:45 PM

    good analysis...

    i was hoping to see some articles about the opposition victory in zulia, but no one makes any reference to that, everyone is talking about anzoategui or whatever.
    And Zulia's Victory was, for me, the fundamental one, it was the state (along with lara) where according to the chavistas, the government spent more money, as they said it was their time to take back the state, and at the end, the opposite happened... the results showed a gradual increase in the opposition votes, and despite all the efforts and money spent by chavez they only got 9.000 votes more than the last election...
    In maracaibo, the opposition won in the two districts gerrymandered to favor chavez, places that were suppose to go chavista for sure.
    But it seems that the victory in zulia was second to the rest... not one article, post or whatever digging in on the zulia case...

    really sad, cause eventually... this state is crucial for any victory in 2012

  4. anonymous

    unfair! in this blog, besides the quick post electoral reactions, it takes me at least 4-5 days to start giving my own analysis. zulia will be included in due time.

  5. Anonymous12:37 AM

    no, i dont mean this blog, but all the other blogs, newsites, etc...

    es que pareciera que lo del zulia, era de esperarse, ha pasado por debajo de la mesa, aquí el tiro les salio por la culata, por que el que incremento votos fue la oposición y no solo en maracaibo ( que es la gran diferencia con carabobo, miranda/caracas, tachira donde el incremento se dio básicamente en las ciudades) aquí, el incremento fue mas que nada en las regiones foráneas, en los mismo municipios donde en las anteriores elecciones había ganado el chavismo, y en maracaibo el incremento se dio mayormente en las barreadas del oeste de la ciudad, la supuesta zona chavista de la ciudad.

    Viendo las declaraciones de varios dirigentes políticos, como por ejemplo primero justicia, a quienes pareciera que el único que gano aquí fue guanipa. (que por cierto menos del 5% de los votos con que gano los recibió con el tarjeton de PJ).

    Si restamos los 3 diputados que saco el chavismo, el Zulia aporto 10 diputados netos para la oposición, creo que eso merece ser comentado por lo menos.

    disculpen el español.

  6. Milonga9:19 AM

    Don't miss the WaPo today. How Chavez lost the popular vote -- and won by a landslide!!! jajajaja They probably read you posts!!


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