Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Chile's glory

Even though I am in a great place to visit on a free day, I am in the room watching the rescue of the Chilean miners.  Unfortunately I have access to only the cheesiness of CNN, but well, too bad...


  1. Use or to pull up a station from Chile if you don't want to watch CNN. I see Evo Morales had to come to Chile and share some of the glory of the rescue.

  2. Milonga11:53 AM

    It was one of these days that one remembers where we where and what we were doing when it happened. Chile's glory is having a true democracy. What a difference with some of our LatAm leaders. Piñera speaking of faith, solidarity, companionship, patriotism. And showing that these sentiments are not exclusive to the left. That the "right" also cares for human life, contrarily to what they try (and managed) to convince many.

  3. Capitankane12:55 PM

    I wonder how long it will be before Chavez starts taking credit for the rescue.

  4. Chavez does not care for human life. Why would he want to take credit for it? Of course, this would never have happened in a true socialist country where, of course, there is no industry.

  5. snook727:32 PM

    Did you hear....CNN reported that when Evo visited the Bolivian miner he offered him a home and land in bolivia. The miner turned it down and said "he would rather stay in his new country with his new brothers and sisters."

    Can you say priceless!!!!!!!

  6. 1979 Boat People9:31 PM

    The rescue is incredible. I could not hold my emotion while watching it last night.

    Tonight while watching the interview with the Chile's president on BBC, i were wondering what would Chavez say if the rescue took place in Venezuela.

    CNN also showed Lary King interviewing with Mike Moore. The guy tried to make CHEAP SHOTS at USA about the BP oil spill recently and the mining disaster a few years ago.

  7. 1979

    wonder not. in venezuela today it would be impossible to organize such an organized rescue for anything.


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