Friday, October 22, 2010

The mystery city where Waldoniel was

OK, busy and little Internet, but back nevertheless.  The trick today is to guess what city in Austria I was.  But to make it more interesting you can only win if you can say why you think that city is the city you claim to be.  Two ways to reach that conclusion: either you name the building or you guess where it was featured.  That is, two possible first prizes here though naming the building sorts of gives you the real first prize.


  1. - Mirabell Palace Salzburg,

  2. Les jardins du Luxembourg à Paris.C'est le bâtiment du Sénat.

  3. Mike E.2:14 AM

    Salzburg - Schloss Mirabell

  4. Anonymous10:34 AM

    I'm pretty sure that it is the mirabell palace. And that would make the town Salzburg.


  5. well, we have at least three well traveled readers. comitan wins the big prize for getting it right first.


    what is this palace gardens associated with? second prize anyone?

  6. Only went to Vienna once on my way to Budapest and now 20 years later only remember Freud's house (slightly outside the city), Mozart's attractive but hard to walk up to apartment,one super snobby cafe serving rich deserts, and the lovely Lipizzaner deal...all the rest is a hazy blob in my mind.Was glad to idle on out.

  7. "The Sound Of Music"

  8. pete

    yep! the hills are alive!

  9. forgot to write above.....

    the do re mi scene was filmed in the mirabelle garden

  10. Boludo Tejano6:25 AM

    A niece and her future husband included in a vacation trip to Europe seeing places that related to the Sound of Music.

  11. Anonymous10:27 AM

    Is it true that Chavez tried to expropriate property in Russia and Iran on his latest trip? And no one in his entourage dared contradict him?


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