Sunday, October 31, 2010

What surfing paradise is Waldoniel visiting?

Hint: it is not Hawaii….. Not even Point Reyes though the water is almost as cold.
Hint 2: still in France
And no, I do not surf, and even less at that temperature! Though in summer it is warmer than Long Island beaches.

PS: by the way, you can observe that in vacation one can combine perfectly nature, good food and history----


  1. Biarritz would be the best known surfing spot in France. Without anything more than a picture of the surf, I am guessing Biarritz.

  2. They have no shirt, it can't be now Boulogne to Wissant area (Wissant is cool for surfing) as it is bloody cold here. It has to be way to the Southwest, somewhere in Aquitaine like Cape Ferret?

  3. Rock Hudson1:32 PM

    honesty..,,,,who the fuck cares ? get your ego under control

  4. Your clues are made for pure guesswork,not knowledge.

    A combination of history, nature, and good food could be absolutely anywhere in France, or anywhere in the world for that matter.

    You did not say, what sort of history( as far as I know the entire world has a history), what sort of food( good food can be found everywhere), or what distinguishing mark of nature other than a beach.Beaches surround quite a bit of France..

    Comparing coldness to Long Island beaches???

    Who in their right mind would swim in Long Island Beaches to able to measure this???.

  5. Charly3:15 PM

    Beach around or in Biarritz.

  6. Home of great rugby and Basque food (for Alex?)


  7. Anonymous4:31 PM

    It sure is hossegor, near biarrtz and bayonne, i wish i be there, good wine too. Nice predictions in the 26/9!

  8. Anonymous4:32 PM


  9. rock

    if my ego bothers you, no one forces you to participate. if you want i can start charging for participation then you will not even be tempted.

  10. firepigette

    i did swim in long island beaches....

    and do not confuse PS: and hints :)

  11. anonymous of hossegor

    no one will guess it because i was not at any given village. i wanted folks to identify the shore and you are the closest one with hossegor. it is north of it, a few dozen miles. north of arcachon actually.

    it it were biarritz, for those who guessed it, there would have been some rock somewhere.

  12. If it's not Nord-Pas-de-Calais and it's not a Normandie, it is Picardie. Who on Earth is shirtless in Picardie right now? OK, last Thursday-Friday temperatures were relatively high, but not that much.
    Daniel, have you being to the Cap Blanc Nez area? Lovely and apparently Julius Caesar started his British campaigns from that corner. You can see Dover's cliffs from there.

  13. kepler

    think south west, real ocean

  14. Must be the Cote de Lumiere below Brittany and above the Silver Coast. Likely if you were traveling from Spain.

    My answer if final.

  15. Boludo Tejano8:28 PM

    Time travel to Permian Basin in West TX, at a time when much of it was below sea level.

  16. Daniel,
    And the winner is ...?


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