Sunday, November 14, 2010

The intellectual future is not with Chavez

Diego Sharifker, new UCV student leader
The oldest university in Venezuela, a public one, the Universidad Central de Venezuela held its students elections last Friday.  Chavismo sensing yet another historical lost sent some of its red shirted violent to perturb the election.  But it did not help.  Saturday afternoon we learned that chavismo suffered another stinging set back.

And it was not even close, it was beyond landslide: the opposition students sent two lists, the first one getting 6,170 votes and the second one 4,860 while the pro Chavez list got a paltry 1,380 votes (results not complete yet but not expected to change much).  Roughly FOR 1 STUDENT VOTING PRO CHAVEZ 8 VOTED AGAINST HIM.

This pattern is repeated in all the best public universities, maybe not with such margins but always with ample margins for the opposition of at least 2 to 1, except for the UDO where the opposition has started winning elections but no landslides yet.  For the record the "bolivarian universities" speedy concoctions to ideologize a student base so as to fill up public administration do not hold student election, probably too afraid that the opposition could get enough vote to embarrass the regime, amen of even winning in one of these universities of rather poor educational level according to all reports I get.

In other words in any campus where you need to think independently to study and graduate the regime loses.  The intellectual, technical, scientific future of Venezuela is definitely not with Chavez.  Nowhere but in these elections can we see best the failure to inspire of a regime after 12 years.  The only thing Chavez inspire these days is rejection.


  1. Island Canuck11:54 AM

    What we need to do is make sure all these students are registered to vote in National elections & encourage them to do so.

    It's their future!

  2. Just very cool.
    Although I am not very happy about how Venezuelan pseudo-parties do things, I would suggest them to take a look at students from UCV and UC and, of course, USB.

    PJ's top seems to be selected from UCAB or a bit Metropolitana. Nothing against them, but considering UCV does (still) have some excellent professionals (it varies wildly from faculty to faculty) and the same goes for the Universidad de Carabobo, and considering those universities have many more young people from everywhere and every sector in Venezuela, it is the way to go.

    Those chamas and chamos are the vectors that will inject new life and ideas to their communities in Calabozo, in Puerto Cabello, in Maturín, in San Carlos and right away in Southern Valencia, in Western Caracas, in Vargas, in Coro.

    ¿Qué más puedo decir?
    ¡U u, u c v!

  3. davod3:08 PM

    I am shocked. Obama mentor,and unrepentent terrorist, Bill Ayers is enamored of Chavez's Bolivarian Revolution.

    Ayers expressed his admiration in a Speech given at the 2006 World Education Forum in Venezuela.

    Normally I would include part of the speech as an indication of the tone. In this case, to be neutral, I would prefer the reader goto to the speech and read it in its entirety.

  4. Happy to hear that kids are against Chavez, but I wonder how it will be when the small kids will grow up brainwashed?

    However NOW, they are living in a military dictatorship as I have been saying for years( literally).Under this sort of regimen, votes and majority count for much less, if anything at all .Simply campaigning and voting will render so little ,and over time become more and more a farce.

    Unless we start seeing some kind of more active means ( like stronger resistance movements) where people disengage their work and minds from the Chavez system, we more than likely will continue down the same road.
    In this sense I blame the Chavez lite most of all, and those who cynically are against Chavez but continue to work in his employ directly or indirectly.

    It all reminds me of the old TV show where Borges from PJ would look impassively upon huge out of control fights between parties, while ineffectively pleading in a monotone the following mantra:

    "Les ruego, por favor, silencio, se los pido por favor"....while in the meantime the fight continued with impunity and unabated.

  5. "In other words in any campus where you need to think independently to study and graduate the regime loses."

    In other words, in any election where the CNE/Smartmatics aren't involved chavismo has not won one one single election.

  6. Anonymous6:38 PM

    It would be telling, if the students had announced two sets of results, from CNE/Smartmatic the results are ... and the results from paper ballots and purple fingers are ... totally different.
    Oh, and the results took 45 minutes to count, here is our tally. "we have nothing to hide".

    will Hugo be commenting on Aung San Kyi's release in Burma? and how benevolent are the generals...?

  7. Anonymous10:43 PM

    Estos resultados demuestran claramente el pensamiento del pueblo venezolano y reflejan el malestar que siente el gobierno al aproximarse 2012, ya no saben que hacer, se vuelven violentos, la Asamblea rapidito trata de bloquear el desenvolvimiento de los nuevos diputados y la Guardia trata de terroristas a gemte humilde que protesta en el metro por el mal servicio. Sin contar las denuncias por tráfico y otras beldades que se hacen contra gemte pesada del gobierno y militares-
    ¿Donde vamos a parar? La Maga Lee

  8. .
    Great post, great blog. Chavez es muy malo. There is hope for Venezuela with youth like this. But what about the ones who don't go to college? Chavez is bad for them too.
    absurd thought -
    God of the Universe says
    be president for life

    forget some strong reforms
    just dismantle government

  9. Anonymous4:50 AM

    I think that it would be safe to say that Diego Sharifker has just pissed away any chance he ever had of getting a job in Venezuela.

  10. plob5006:12 PM

    "Anonymous: Diego Sharifker has no chance of getting a job in Venezuela"

    Maybe not with the present "government", but Venezuela is a big place. I hope he and the many, many university students like him and all the Venezuelan students in universities abroad (my son is one of them) will one day in the not too distant future be here and be part of a growing Venezuela which is truly democratic and full of opportunities. Today that might seem like wishful thinking but it is not wishful thinking to know that there are tomorrows.

  11. And give credit to the students, who gives a f... if he is Jewish, it's a new generation


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