Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saturday night fun: a more accurate map of the world

Absolutely politically incorrect but, yet, too close for comfort.  Click to enlarge.

I got that form a site who did not credit it properly. If anyone knows who made this map up let me know to put credit where credit is due.


  1. Anonymous11:48 PM

    Oh, my goodness! This was too funny!
    I'll do my best sleuthing to find out where this came from. I'm so glad you found it, Daniel!

  2. Compare it with “The Tory Atlas of the World” from an 80’s issue of Spitting image

    Then we were an amorphous blob with Colombia called like today’s Belize , totally ignored pues!

  3. Anonymous1:41 AM

    This map is really original and funny at first (after a while, it's not so funny, specially since you live in any of those regions). It breaks the developed/nondeveloped democratic/nondemocratic clichés...It can be changed and refined of course but well, it is intended to be a "caricature" not a political map. I would also add some drugs spots in the oh so developed USA, perhaps one of the only coincidences with Chavez, that we are "drugs" countries because others consume them. Damn, I would legalize drugs once and for all, so prices fall and we diminish the $ize of the problem!

  4. There is very little one can comment without falling foul of a politically correct death panel. If I say anything about the sentient challenged Sphenisciformes, I’m sure to get a 4 AM knock on my door from the PC sentencing advisory brigade. All I will not say is that it is very funny.

  5. Anonymous8:10 AM

    Why piss off only one group when you can piss them all off?

    Saves time.

    Great map, and not to far from the truth either.

  6. Anonymous4:45 PM

    Totally rude. Love it!
    Pelao Manrique

  7. To be accurate, some countries would need more than one color. Venezuela should be an ugly set of stripes - not only the lavender of drugs, but the tan of lawlessness and yellow of political strife (those of its nearest neighbors), but also the light blue from Eastern Europe, corrupt and broken.

    Put it all together, you're heading towards the Wastelands of Siberia - with the color you might just get by mixing the four above.

  8. Anonymous9:53 AM

    A link to this map and others like it can be found on

  9. What a GREAT laugh!
    Love it.
    -Kevin, from Jesus and Meth territory (and it's true)

  10. I beat you to it ;-):

    This is the source Daniel:

  11. aio

    cute color mix :)

  12. Isn't it? I think it would be rather fitting if Chavez changed his wardrobe to match. Not only would it match the map, he would look much more like the clown he is.


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